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Tender Notice – Construction of the Mother’s Shelter

This listings application deadline has expired so it is probably out of date

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Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS) in partnership with the Netherlands Red Cross is implementing a three years (2022 Nov -2025 Oct) Project -Community Based Health and Resilience – (CBHR 2) – Project in Lusangazi Eastern Province of Zambia. The project’s aim is to improve Maternal and Child Health and Wellbeing, leading to the empowerment of women through integrated Maternal Neonatal Child Health (MNCH).

In this regard, the organization is investing in construction and improving mother’s shelters in various location. This is with the hope that the shelter will house antenatal Mothers who needed to travel longer distance to deliver at the clinic. Furthermore, provide a clean and safe delivery space. In turn, increase institution deliveries (subsequently, reduce home deliveries and their associated consequences once in full use).

1.2 Objective

To enhance quality service delivery through construct of mother is waiting shelters/maternity annex with improved delivery room and separation of pregnant women and women who gave birth with access to clean water.

1.3 Methodology

The construction works will be full contracts. This implies that the all the works and purchase of materials will be done by the contractor. The contracts shall be awarded through tender. Note that the construction work fare for two sites.

1. Refugee Health Post – 88kms from Petauke

2. Satellite 30 – 68km from Petauke

1.4 Scope of works.

The scope of work is as indicated in the BOQ and Drawings

1.5 Out put

Award Contracts

Completed constructed mothers’ shelter

1 Original and 2 duplicate copies of BID OFFER shall be produced by the Bidder and put in separate envelopes marked as ORIGINAL and COPY. These should also include the financial proposal.

2. The selection criteria will be Technical and Financial

I. TECHNICAL CRITERIA (Minimum requirement) will be carried out based on the following:

a. Previous works performance letters in similar type of work.

b. Clear of Work Schedule

c. List for Key Personnel and qualification

d. Plant and Equipment as well as proof of ownership

II. FINANCIAL CRITERIA will be carried out based on the following:

a. Priced BOQ.

b. Validity Period of the Offer

c. Latest Three Months Bank Statements

3. It is essential that the prospective BIDDERS are familiar with the general area. Therefore, Site Visit at Bidders own cost is mandatory. Interested bidders can visit the site Refugees RHC on 20th June,2024 in the morning between 11:00am to 12:00 pm and Satellite 30 on 20th June,2024 between 14:00pm to 15:00pm.

The bid will be opened at ZRCS Office Headquarters in Lusaka in the presence of bidders and/or their representatives who wish to attend on proposed opening date.

4. ZRCS reserves the right to accept or reject the bid partially or fully. See the annexes and link here.

Annex 1-BOQ for Mothers shelter for satellite 30 and Refugee RHC

Annex 2- Septic Tank drawings

Annex 3- Soak away Drawings

Annex 4-Manhole drawings

Annex 5- Kitchen 1 drawings

Annex 6- Kitchen 2 drawings

Annex 7- Mothers Shelter drawings

Application deadline
27 Jun 15:00