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Logistics Officer

The Logistics Officer plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful operation of the Yalelo Lake operations by effectively managing lake logistics activities, maintaining fish health, ensuring safety, and promoting a collaborative environment within the team. This role requires a combination of leadership, technical expertise, and organizational skills to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of daily operations.

Duties and responsibilities:

1. Supervision and Coordination:

Oversee and supervise the Coxswains and Mortality Collectors

Ensure efficient coordination and collaboration among team members.

2. Boats and Vessels Operations:

Plan and organize daily operations of boats and vessels for various tasks, such as feeding, monitoring, and maintenance.

Assign specific tasks and boats to coxswains based on operational requirements.

3. Fish Mortality Management:

Ensure that fish mortalities are collected and recorded daily to maintain a healthy and clean environment.

4. Boat Maintenance:

Ensure that all boats and vessels are serviced, repaired, and maintained on time to prevent breakdowns during operations.

5. Safety and Compliance:

Implement and enforce safety protocols for boat operations to minimize risks to personnel, fish, and equipment.

Ensure that all boats have the necessary safety equipment, guards, and labels as per regulations.

6. Pre-Operation Checks:

Supervise the completion of pre-operation checklists to confirm that boats are in proper working condition before deployment.

7. Problem Reporting:

Identify and report any problems, damages, or incidents to higher management for prompt resolution.


A diploma or better in Operations, transport, logistics, or a related field is required.

Minimum 2 years’ experience in logistics.

Must be a good coordinator and planner.

Mechanical knowledge and experience in maintenance works on water vessels are a plus

Boat experience or ability to captain a big boat would be an advantage but not a requirement.

Note: Apply by attaching One Document which should have your cover letter, CV, Relevant qualification, Grade 12, NRC, Essential Certificates and any other qualifications that may be relevant to this role

Email applications to
careers@yalelo.com and cc: yaleloproductionhr@yalelo.com
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