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Program Coordinator – University

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This is a team leader position for the Excel Beyond program, specifically for the College & University programs. The successful job holder is responsible for leading the program components and providing technical inputs. The primary focus of this role is to ensure the success of the Excel Beyond program and its students. The ideal candidate should have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, be organized and able to manage multiple projects at once and be committed to the mission of Family Legacy.

Specific Tasks

Guidance and Counseling Services:

Technical Program Delivery:

Coordinate communication between sponsored students in tertiary education and the Excel Beyond Management team both in Zambia and in the US.

Collaborate with cross-functional teams in Family Legacy and Partner Institutions to plan daily activities and operations to meet targets.

Coordinate discipleship and career guidance for students.

Facilitate enrollment processes for college/ university students.

Provide continuous support to students in the program.

Play a key role in policy formulation and implementation.

Delivery of key assignments on time, budget and required scope.

Coordinate the engagement of parents/guardians for their participation towards the education needs of the children

Provide oversight in cooperation with other staff to ensure the compliance and adherence to Family Legacy’s Policies and Guidelines to safeguard and protect children and/or Young Adults from all forms of harm and abuse

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning:

Provide support in the planning, implementation, monitoring evaluation, and Learning of all program quality functions; assess the outputs, outcomes, and impact of program interventions and activities

Provide timely, accurate, and valuable information regarding the higher education experience of each student to the rest of the Excel Beyond team both in Zambia as well as in the USA

Develop and maintain a database of students enrolled in College, and university programs and track students’ Academic progress

Lead research on job trends as well as trends in tertiary education and keep the program abreast of any developments and changes as per the program.

Organize and coordinate monitoring activities for the program.

Collaborate with MEL to conduct research, monitoring, and evaluation.

Provide Input to the quarterly and annual program reviews.

Management of Program budgets

Coordinate the preparation of monthly budgets and requisitions, and ensure program Accountability for financial management.

Ensure that all requisitions and retirements are appropriately authorized and that all expenditure is backed up by the required support documentation.

Provide input in the development of Annual Budgets.

People Management:

Capacitate staff on FLMZ policies, culture, and objectives.

Provide leadership, mentorship and direction to EB officers

Conduct meetings with direct reports


Clearly and respectfully communicate with young adults, parents/guardians, and staff in Excel Beyond and across the ministry as needed

Practice clear communication with coworkers, direct supervisor, other departments, management, and relevant stakeholders

Closely collaborate with other departments across Family Legacy to communicate about young adults’ program needs.

Closely collaborate and communicate with the social services department on abuse cases and other child protection-related issues.

Record Keeping and Administrative Duties

Perform daily scheduling tasks to manage and maintain an independent workload

Document and submit statistics to the direct supervisor promptly

Attend and participate in department meetings

Perform record-keeping duties by maintaining student records in confidential files

Compile comprehensive reports for the ministry as directed

Follow all departmental, and government policies and procedures as instructed

The Employee shall also be expected to undertake any additional responsibilities as delegated by his or her supervisor

Other Competencies/Skills:

Demonstrates commitment to Family Legacy mission, vision, and values

Has the heart to work with vulnerable young adults and families even when faced with challenges

Strong interpersonal skills

Strong oral and writing skills

Ability to maintain confidentiality and privacy

Basic computer proficiency skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & email)

Ability to perform well with limited supervision

Ability to identify and address issues with creativity and effectiveness

Share knowledge and experience

Actively works towards continuing personal learning and development and applying newly acquired skills

Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive constructive attitude

Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills

Remains calm, in control, and good-humored even under pressure

Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities

Responds positively to critical feedback and differing points of view

Solicits feedback from coworkers about the impact of his/her behavior

Relational and personable

Ability to work as a team and collaborate with others

Adheres to all deadlines

Must have no prior convictions of harm to a child

Academic and Professional Requirements:

Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies, guidance, and counseling with education or social sciences.

Have at least 5 years of experience in a similar position or persuasion

Fluency in English spoken and written

Competency in computer skills (MS Word, Excel, etc.)

Valid Zambian Driver’s License

Experience in working with children and young adults

Level of Contact with Children:

Medium Contact: High frequency of interaction with children.

Application deadline
24 May 15:00