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Senior Program Officer, Service Delivery

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The Clinton Health Access Initiative, Inc. (CHAI) is a global health organization committed to our mission of saving lives and reducing the burden of disease in low-and middle-income countries. We work at the invitation of governments to support them and the private sector to create and sustain high-quality health systems.

CHAI was founded in 2002 in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic with the goal of dramatically reducing the price of life-saving drugs and increasing access to these medicines in the countries with the highest burden of the disease. Over the following two decades, CHAI has expanded its focus. Today, along with HIV, we work in conjunction with our partners to prevent and treat infectious diseases such as COVID-19, malaria, tuberculosis, and hepatitis. Our work has also expanded into cancer, diabetes, hypertension, and other non-communicable diseases, and we work to accelerate the rollout of lifesaving vaccines, reduce maternal and child mortality, combat chronic malnutrition, and increase access to assistive technology. We are investing in horizontal approaches to strengthen health systems through programs in human resources for health, digital health, and health financing. With each new and innovative program, our strategy is grounded in maximizing sustainable impact at scale, ensuring that governments lead the solutions, that programs are designed to scale nationally, and learnings are shared globally.

At CHAI, our people are our greatest asset, and none of this work would be possible without their talent, time, dedication and passion for our mission and values. We are a highly diverse team of enthusiastic individuals across 40 countries with a broad range of skillsets and life experiences. CHAI is deeply grounded in the countries we work in, with majority of our staff based in program countries. Learn more about our exciting work:

CHAI is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and is committed to providing an environment of fairness, and mutual respect where all applicants have access to equal employment opportunities. CHAI values diversity and inclusion, and recognizes that our mission is best advanced by the leadership and contributions of people with diverse experience, backgrounds, and culture.

Overview of the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Program

Zambia has a high maternal mortality ratio (278 deaths per 100,000 live births), in part due to unintended pregnancies and unsafe abortions. About 45% of married women use contraceptives, and an additional 21% have an unmet need for family planning. Total demand for family planning among currently married women increased from 45% in 1992 to 69% in 2018. Yet, the contraceptive prevalence rate (CPR) among currently married women age 15-49 is 50%, with only 48% using a modern method. Only 9% of married women of reproductive age are using LARC, and 10% of unmarried women of reproductive age are using LARC; married contraceptive users use less effective short-acting methods like injectables and pills. In addition, maternal and newborn commodities are essential for sustained for a sustained reduction in maternal and neonatal mortality.

CHAI Zambia is working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health to develop best practices of country-led reproductive health product introduction and supply chain management including to:

Identify and actualize government-led best practices for product introduction: The goal is to actualize more efficient, effective, routine government led product introduction that can continue without partner support. CHAI will provide direct technical assistance (TA) to the Ministry of Health to improve and establish the full scope of systems and processes required for governments to optimize RH product markets in-country by providing leadership across the full spectrum of product introduction, from informing product development to scale-up. This may require engagement with the private sector where relevant to ensure that public and private systems are leveraged for greater sustainability and efficiency of product introduction.

Test and iterate best practices through introduction, scale-up and sustained access to reproductive health product(s): Additionally, introduction and scale-up of a reproductive health product will be used as a test case to set up the processes and to identify opportunities to optimize the management and supply of the entire RH product portfolio.

The Senior Program Officer, Service Delivery (Clinical) will be based in Lusaka, Zambia, and will report to the Program Manager, Sexual and Reproductive Health. We are seeking a highly motivated individual who is self-assured, a quick learner, resilient, and a strong team player. CHAI values relevant personal qualities such as resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, independence, energy, and work ethic.


Support the team in the implementation of clinical/technical aspects of SRH Program activities.

Assist in monitoring and supporting the implementation of training and mentoring programs for Health Care Workers (HCWs) and Community Volunteers.

Develop interventions to enhance service utilization for priority commodities and services.

Assist in expanding health facilities that utilize new reproductive health products and services.

Address clinical service delivery challenges and develop effective solutions.

Conduct landscape analysis to identify opportunities for increasing demand for quality-assured reproductive health (RH) commodities and services.

Coordinate learning activities and translate data into programmatic guidance and policy advocacy.

Monitor the implementation of clinical service delivery programs and the skill development of HCWs.

Provide technical and clinical support and guidance on program approaches.

Compile regular quality and progress facility program reports.

Participate in program meetings and Ministry of Health Technical Working Groups, offering high-quality technical input.

Contribute to technical documents supporting the training and mentoring of HCWs and CBVs (e.g., training curricula, SOPs, service delivery guidelines).

Provide HRH support to MOH for sustaining and institutionalizing clinical service delivery, training, and mentorship.

Participate in fundraising activities, providing technical input for concept notes and grant proposals.

Provide high-quality technical input for program/donor reports.

Perform any other duties as assigned.


To qualify for this position, candidates must:

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree in health sciences, social sciences, or public health. A master’s degree in public health, Business Administration, or a related field is preferred.

Prior experience and/or expertise in Sexual, Reproductive, Maternal, and Neonatal Health (SRMNH) will be advantageous.

Candidates must have at least five years of experience working on health programs in the public or private sector, with a minimum of three years specifically in Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH).

Proficiency in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel is required.

Experience in Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH) or Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) clinical practice is preferred.

Applicants should demonstrate an in-depth understanding and experience working with SRH medicines and other commodities.

Candidates must possess strong analytical, problem-solving, and quantitative skills, with the ability to use data to inform decisions and present results in both narrative and graphic forms.

Excellent diplomatic and interpersonal skills are essential, with the ability to build lasting relationships with individuals from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds.

Applicants should also have excellent written and verbal communication skills, as well as strong interpersonal capabilities.