Special Hope Network
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19 days ago

Social Worker

Special Hope Network is looking for a qualified Social Worker, responsible for the following duties.

Health Guidance & Monitor Growth

Complete initial health assessments on all children

Track weight, height, MUAC, and head circumference on all children per baseline, and then subsequently follow the Count Me In-app

Be able to explain to parents the reasons behind tracking measurements

Use the app to interpret measurements and provide recommendations to parents

Track children’s general health and illness and report to the manager

Assist parents in obtaining proper health care from local clinics and hospitals regarding seizures, illness, and growth monitoring

Understand seizures and swallowing to be able to explain to parents and provide advice

Run wellness program in the center by use of medical disability lessons, Count Me In application and training, and disability rights advocacy

Input accurate data in a timely manner into Count Me In

Advise parents on child health and wellness using expertise and Count Me In app recommendations

Carry out tasks as assigned by the supervisor with minimal supervision

Subject Expertise and Parent Learning

Understand and execute goals in the center in accordance with the Theory of Change

Ensure each parent understands how to keep the child healthy regarding nutrition, feeding, hygiene, medication, illness prevention, and signs of illness


Provide demonstrations, further explanation, and advice on topics related to health, nutrition, and feeding

Provide further explanation on administering medicines and other prescribed items

Conduct home visits to ensure parents are following through with advice and recommendations

Report family issues to managers and collaborate on instructions and solutions

Counsel family on the importance of hygiene and nutrition and proper feeding position

Conduct parent lessons as directed by CCC manager

Note questions that need further understanding and come back with accurate answers

Continue professional development to understand wellness program information to the highest level of accuracy

Provide feedback to parents at the level of their understanding and provide support for continued learning

Job Requirements

Degree in Social Work