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At MBHS, The Anaesthesiologist will provide patients with high-quality and painless care during surgical procedures. Anesthesiologists play a key role in taking care of patients and ensuring patients receive the care they need throughout a procedure.

Anesthesiologist responsibilities include administering and managing anesthesia as part of the process before, during and after surgery. They also evaluate patients and their medical history prior to surgery, including prescription medicine, over-the-counter medicine and herbal supplements.

Our Anaesthesiologist carries out his/her duties professionally, consistently, ethically and in line with international best practice standards. He/she works closely with other multidisciplinary clinicians to provide comprehensive medical care services at Mary Begg.


Comply with all MBHS standards for delivering high quality anaesthesia and sedation care and where relevant, identify and/or design any anaesthetic practice standards or procedures that are required.

Provide anaesthesia and sedation care in keeping with international standards of good practice.

Ensure that proper procedures are followed during surgical emergencies with regards to anaesthetic care.

Be responsible for all administrative duties and reporting as directed by the Chief Medical Officer and Clinic/ Hospital Manager.

Attend regular clinic meetings (with the Chief Medical Officer) and medical committee meetings to report on and discuss issues relating to improvements in anaesthetic services and equipment.

Be available for duty as rostered for normal shifts, on call shifts (defined as a standby period out of normal clinic hours), weekends and in case of emergencies.


Medical Services

Ensure that Mary Begg policies and procedures, clinical guidelines and Zambian national regulations are adhered to at all times.

Preoperative Evaluation: Assess patients’ medical history and current health to plan appropriate anesthetic treatment.

Anesthesia Administration: Administer various types of anesthesia (general, regional, local) before, during, and after surgical procedures.

Monitoring Patient Vital Signs: Continuously monitor patients’ vital signs and adjust anesthesia levels as needed during surgery.

Postoperative Care: Provide care for patients recovering from anesthesia, managing pain relief and monitoring for potential side effects.

Collaboration with Surgical Team: Work closely with surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to ensure patient safety and effective pain management.

Emergency Response: Rapidly diagnose and treat any complications or emergencies related to anesthesia.

Patient Education: Educate patients and their families about anesthesia procedures and postoperative care.

Continuous Learning: Stay updated with the latest advancements in anesthesiology and participate in ongoing education and research.

Supervises and mentors the Clinical Officer anesthetist and other technical staff.

Good Customer Service

Foster a culture of customer service satisfaction amongst MBHS staff and patients.

Demonstrate good customer service by listening to patient concerns and providing proper support and care.

Be polite and respectful in all patient or staff interactions.

Report to the Clinic Manager where you see any evidence of poor customer service from other MBHS staff towards patients or other staff (i.e. bullying).

Caring for patients in the ICU wards which will include ward rounds, patient review, daily rounds, review of labs and radiology, drug charts, compliance to protocols and family counseling

Liasing with the bedside team actively and providing critical care expertise in real time to augment delivery of critical care to the ICUs

Check-ins with regular intermittent physical and tele consultative rounds on patients and initiating appropriate actions with the help of the ICU nursing team in collaboration with the bedside team

Documenting patient level data and communication in our smart ICU platform, INSTA, MITRAIS ETC

Contributing and participating in inhouse academic activities and meetingsAdministrative Reporting

Gather, compile and submit daily doctor patient statistics to the Chief Medical Officer.

Ensure that reports relating to the number of anaesthesia or sedation services provided (type of anaesthetic/sedation method used etc.) are reported to the Chief Medical Officer each month as part of monthly reporting statistics.

Ensure that all required reports are submitted to the Chief Medical Officer and the Hospital/Clinic Manager in a timely manner, including minutes of any department meetings and outcomes.

Ensure that all anaesthesia services are correctly itemised on the patient’s operating theatre billing sheets.

Ensure that all patient referrals and evacuations are reported to the Chief Medical Officer.

As directed by the Medical Director/ Chief Medical Officer, assist with development and promotion of medical programmes or schemes for MBHS customers and clients.

Oversee the effective running of vital medical equipment and report to the hospital/clinic manager when medical equipment needs to be upgraded or replaced.

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

Deliver educational training programs for clients on request from the Chief Medical Officer / MBHS Medical Director.

Ensure that CME / CPD and general/specific training is planned and conducted.

Qualifications, Experience & Skills required

Doctor of Medicine (MD) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree.

Residency training in anesthesiology.

Board certification in anesthesiology.

Strong communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to work under pressure.

Work Environment: Hospitals, surgical centers, and other medical facilities.

Long hours, including nights and weekends, with on-call responsibilities.

Must be registered and licenced with the Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ).

Experience in emergency medicine is an advantage.

Must have at least 5-7 years working experience as an Anaesthesiologist in a busy medical facility.