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LPG Cylinder Porter/Delivery Specialist

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Oxyzam Ltd, supplier of LPG gas, LPG accessories, Oxygen, and Acetylene, is seeking a dynamic and dedicated individual to join our team as an LPG Cylinder Delivery and Sales Associate. This position combines the responsibilities of efficient gas delivery, excellent customer communication, and potential sales and marketing support.


1. Safely handle the loading and off loading of LPG cylinders for delivery to various customers, including homes, industries, restaurants, and farms.

2. Provide exceptional customer service by ensuring timely and accurate deliveries, addressing customer inquiries, and maintaining positive relationships.

3. Conduct deliveries of LPG gas to specified locations, following established safety protocols and transportation regulations.

4. Assist with sales and marketing efforts, promoting Oxyzam Ltd’s products and services to potential customers.

5. Utilize good communication skills to interact with customers, addressing their needs and promoting customer satisfaction.

6. Maintain accurate records of delivered cylinders, inventory, and customer transactions.

7. Perform basic calculations related to gas quantities and billing, demonstrating strong numerical skills.

8. Uphold a professional and positive image of Oxyzam Ltd during customer interactions.

9. Ensure compliance with safety guidelines and company policies, particularly regarding heavy lifting and transportation procedures.


1. Age: 25-30 years old.

2. Gender: Male.

3. Proficient in English with good communication skills.

4. Strong hand-writing skills for maintaining accurate records.

5. Excellent numerical abilities for calculations related to gas quantities and billing.

6. Physical fitness to handle the heavy lifting involved in loading and off loading LPG cylinders.

7. Advantageous: Previous experience or skills in sales and marketing.

Application deadline
25 Mar 15:00
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Operating since 2001, Oxyzam is a manufacturing company that specialises in the production and distribution of high quality and affordable gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and liquid petroleum gas (LPG), for industrial and domestic purposes. The company introduced its LPG line in response to the demand for alternative power sources. Oxyzam refills and delivers oxygen cylinders and LPG tanks to clients' sites, and offers a comprehensive and efficient after sales service.