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Assistant Supervisor – Feeding

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Yalelo Ltd. is a fast-growing aquaculture business that farms Tilapia bream on Lake Kariba in Siavonga and distributes them to Lusaka and the rest of Zambia. The company’s fast growth and dynamic team contribute to a very exciting workplace. We are now seeking to employ local people to fill the positions of Assistant Supervisor, Feeding.

This position is based in Siavonga.

The right-fit candidate will perform the following duties:

Places accurate feed requests to be fed at the sites daily and accurately compiles and submits the daily feeding record form.

Ensures that floating mortalities are collected, counted, and taken to the harbour for disposal by the mortality collection team. Ensure that dived mortalities are counted and recorded.

Monitoring of the nature, number, and increases or decreases in mortalities on individual cages and reporting abnormalities immediately to the feeding superintendent.

Ensures that feeders use the correct feed pellet sizes to feed the right fish sizes.

Trains feeders on the best feeding and fish handling techniques to limit fish stress and feed waste.

Assigns tasks and evaluates the performance of each feeder on site, providing feedback on closed cage results to the team.

Ensures that feeders feed fish properly to obtain a maximum growth rate and minimum FCR.

Carries out daily checks on each cage and conducts weekly reviews of each unit’s feeding performance.

Inform the feeding superintendent of any problems you encounter with a cage, such as broken nets, tampered with cages, broken cages, mooring issues, missing net anchors, deformed nets, platform damage, missing ropes, vermin, bird net damage, center buoy damage, mooring buoy damage, etc.

Reports any arising issues about feeding, including sick fish, reduced feeding responses, drops in feeding, gasping fish, slow growth, faster growth, low fish numbers, fish outside of the cage, etc., to the feeding superintendent.

Responsible for coming up with solutions for problems encountered on site and conducting minor repair work, including bird net repairs, rope splicing, pest control, etc.

Responsible for taking water quality parameters (DO and temperature) on cages with high biomass, abnormal feeding and fish behaviour and taking appropriate action below 2.5mg/l

Ensures correct quantities of feed are fed and recorded on feeding documents.

Reports any poor quality (floatability, high dust, pellet size, moulded feed) feed type to the feeding superintendent and takes samples of the feed to the lab.

Ensures that empty sacks are well packed in rolls of 10, documented, and transferred to the harbour daily, with the number matching the number of full feed bags received for the day.

Minimum Qualifications & Experience:

Full Grade 12 certificate with credit or better in English and Mathematics.

Minimum of Diploma in Fisheries Management or Fisheries Science

Minimum 2 years’ experience

Aquaculture Operations knowledge

Experience working on the lake is required.

Application deadline
15 Mar 15:00
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Yalelo is a pioneer of aquaculture in Zambia, bringing together local resources and world-leading practices. The company implements a scalable solution to ease the pressure on Zambia’s wild-capture fisheries sector. Founded in 2011, Yalelo is now a leading fisheries firm in Zambia and among the largest aquaculture firms in Africa. This company breeds and grows its tilapia on the shores of Lake Kariba and sells nation-wide. Yalelo’s pristine water locally produced non-GMO fish feed and a robust cold-chain result in product quality and affordability that are transforming customer experience.