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Tutor Nursing

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Nurse clinical instructors teach student nurses or other professionals in classroom, laboratory and clinical environments utilizing an approved curriculum and visual aids.

They stay aware of the developments in the world of nursing so that they may incorporate them into their studies and teachings.

In addition to working in college classrooms, nursing instructors work in medical facilities and community centers.

Assistance with administration of the undergraduate and graduate School of Nursing program.

Designing, developing and participating in students urban and rural clinical training experience


Develops strategies to teach course content for the entire term/semester including instructional objectives, assignments, textbooks, weight of grades and delivery methods

Develops and provides to students, approved Northrise University syllabi and modules that follow a template established by the University, which includes terminal course objectives.

Prepares and regularly revises and updates all course materials.

Incorporates higher-level learning (i.e. application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation) by giving students opportunities to develop information literacy and problem-solving skills, and by connecting their current study to lab assignments and previous/future study in the related disciplines.

Adheres to University policies regarding disciplinary problems, including plagiarism or cheating.

Models exceptional verbal and written communication.

Organizes and sequences topics in a logical progression and paces the delivery to meet the needs of the class.

Utilizes educational technology (such as PowerPoint, remote access to syllabi and grades, classroom projection systems, online courses or course components with interactive capabilities) to enhance learning.

Establishes positive classroom relationships with students by being actively engaged in the classroom and lab.

Provides opportunities for in-class discussions and questions and displays enthusiasm about the students, the subject matter, and the learning process.

Treats students’ academic needs seriously by being accessible for academic consultation before or after class, via phone or e-mail.

Creates an interactive classroom environment.

Provides on going supervision to students in the clinical areas

Demonstrates clinical nursing procedures to students

Works with other staff and partners, and other stakeholders in the provision of conducive learning experiences for students in the classroom and in the clinical areas.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Two years college-level nursing teaching experience and two years nursing experience.


Bachelors of Science in Nursing


1. Highly professional with ability to work to strict deadlines.

2. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

3. Ability to work with minimum supervision.

Application deadline
19 Dec 15:00
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Northrise University is a private Christ-centred university located in Ndola, Zambia. As a Christ-centred university, Northrise University is committed to equipping its students to become skilled and relevant professionals, ministers, and leaders who will have a lasting impact in their communities. By providing learning opportunities that enhance critical thinking, discipline, personal responsibility, character development, and sacrifice, students are inspired to achieve excellence and lay hold of their future.