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7 months ago

Community Care Center Trainer

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– Run room in centre by use of a developmental checklist and parent packet course with minimal supervision including hands-on demonstration of goals, behavior, and teaching strategies

– Carry out an explanation of parent lessons in classrooms when applicable

– Run a 2 hour program at centre with minimal deviations from the standards set by program leads

– Carry out tasks as assigned by the supervisor with minimal supervisionSubject Expertise and Parent Learning

– Understand and execute goals in centre in accordance with the Theory of Change

– Ensure each parent knows their child’s goals, understands it, can use the correct materials to reach targets

– Answer questions from parents

– Note questions that need further understanding and come back with accurate answers

– Continue professional development to understand room checklists with the highest level of accuracy

– Provide feedback to parents at the level of their understanding and provide support for continued learning

– Use accurate behavior, communication, and teaching practices to provide advice and assistance to parents Support-Keep all materials clean, dry, and in their designated place

-Notice any equipment or materials in need of repair or replacement and alert your supervisor

. -Daily notice tasks that make your supervisors’ job easier and do them without reminders Faith Active

– Be an example of spiritual growth by practicing personal daily habits of faithfulness.

-Talk about those habits when with your colleagues and ask them about theirs. -Hold discipleship in high regard and participate every time.

-Pray with your team.

-Prioritize faith, yours and your colleagues.

– Train parents on bible study skills, discipleship skills and leadership skills.

-Participate in training on management skills, emotional intelligence in the workplace, bible study skills, and professionalism

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