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Farm Services Superintendent

Farm Services Superintendent – Siavonga

Yalelo Ltd seeks to hire an experienced and qualified Farm Services Superintendent who will be responsible for performing a variety of duties in general farm management and harbour operations . This is a key position at our Production site and the right -fit candidate will work within the Site Operations business unit.

The Right Fit candidate will perform among others, the following functions:

General Farm Services Responsibilities

Develop reports pertaining to equipment, materials, and production.

keeps records of security incident reports and investigations.

Submit and present weekly, monthly and quarterly company assets protection report to the Production Operation Manager

Ensure critical farm equipment is operational all the time and recommends repair and maintenance of farm buildings and equipment where necessary.

Fill in and regularly update Risk Analysis Matrix (threat, likelihood, impact, level of vulnerability, level of risk)

Analyse all risks relating to company assets protection, employee safety, harbour operations safety and collaborates with relevant teams to mitigate the risks.

Review, drafts and obtains signoffs on SOPs and policies relating to security operations safety for enforcement by the security services.

Manage relationship with the security team (terms and conditions).

Supervise the landscaping team to ensure the environment is clean and looking good.

Manage biodigester and ensure mortalities are fed to the digestor for gas production as per specification.

Teams Supervision

Harbour Maintenance Team

Supervise the harbour master in ensuring the safe operation of the harbour, channels, docks, and mooring spaces

Ensures the harbour master follows applicable Lake Operations ordinances and ensures enforcement of laws, regulations and polices concerning water or properties; coordinating harbour security to assist with this enforcement.

Oversees the analysis of harbour areas and facilities and recommends modifications that will improve safety and efficiency of the area.

Landscaping and Cleaning team

Oversee the Landscaping and Cleaning teams to ensure the surrounding areas are clean to maintain a healthy environment.

Manage their affairs which include leave, timesheets, duty sites on the lake and any other work-related needs.

Night duty Coxswains

Supervise Night Duty Coxswains to ensure they support Security Operations on the lake.

Manage their affairs which include leave, timesheets, duty sites on the lake and any other work-related needs.

Drivers & Machine Operators

Oversee transport logistics to ensure services by drivers and HME Operators lead to smooth operations at Production.

Manage their affairs which include leave, timesheets, jobs and any other work-related needs.

Qualifications Requirements for the Farm Services Superintendent are:

1. Bachelors degree in Agricultural Engineering, Operations Management or other related field.

2. 3+ years of experience in supervising large teams (50 plus staff) with varying skills

3. Knowledge and experience working with various farm equipment and ability to perform equipment diagnosis and basic inspections.

4.Experience in security services management at at supervisory or management level.

5.Experience in risk management and compliance

6.Experience working with third-party contractors

7.Familiarity with working with local law enforcement and manging diverse stakeholders.

8. Valid Drivers/Machine Operator licensing would be an advantage.

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