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Data and Tech Support Associate

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Data and Tech Support Associate

Job Description

Reporting to: Digital Platform Manager (Primary)

Position Band: TBC

Band Compensation: Competitive

Contract Duration: 12 months

Based Lusaka with occasional travel to Chipata

About Good Nature

Good Nature is a legume seed company founded to profitably move farmers out of poverty and into the middle class. We have designed our approach to working with smallholder farmers to be personal, yet scalable. We have overseen consistent annual growth in our supply chain (currently at 11,000+ small-scale seed producers), production, grower income (now 300% of baseline) and company revenue, as our growers learn and become more efficient.

Position Purpose

Provide dedicated support for data management and technical aspects of the digital platform.

We are looking to hire a Data and Tech Support Associate, with experience in Tech support and/or Data-related support.

Duties and Responsibilities

The role is primarily responsible for both responding to issues and actively completing projects related to the data and tech. For example on responding to issues – the 200+ users of the tech platform may have questions or issues and will call to get support. An example on completing projects would be to investigate why a list of 30 users have not made any entries in the past 14 days by calling each user. Each interaction with a user is to be logged in a ticketing system.

Primary Responsibilities

Time Requirement

Supporting Digital Platform Data and Technical issues.

Data Management Support: Assist in organizing and managing data within the digital platform.

Data Validation: Ensure data accuracy and integrity through validation processes.

Technical Support: Provide user support for technical issues related to the platform.

Troubleshooting: Identify and resolve data and technical issues promptly.

Documentation: Maintain documentation for data-related processes and technical support solutions

Data Entry: Ensure accurate data entry into the digital platforms, and enter new data as needed.


General Support

Escalating complex or unresolved issues to the appropriate internal or external teams.

Installing, Configuring, Updating, and maintaining software and hardware for staff; such as operating systems, applications, and devices.

Performing routine maintenance and troubleshooting on network systems, such as routers, switches, and cameras.

Providing training and education to staff on how to use various digital platforms.


Give updates on support trends in meetings and briefings with the supervisors

Assisting with the testing, development, and deployment of new technologies such as hardware, networks, and software.

Required Skills and Experience



Education & Experience

Experience in Tech support, Desktop support, or a similar role.

Proficiency in Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android Operating Systems.

Office Skills

A strong understanding of PowerPoint or any other presentational software.

Presentation and Public speaking skills: Able to deliver engaging and informative speeches and presentations to large non-tech audiences.

A strong understanding of Excel/ Google Sheets.

Soft Skills

Communication and Collaboration: Strong communication skills are essential for coordinating with team members, stakeholders, and users to understand requirements and implement features effectively.

Technical skills

Networking and Security Skills: Design, configure, and maintain network systems such as LAN, WAN, and WIFI.

Cloud Computing and Web Development Skills: Using web Development tools such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create and design web pages and interfaces.

Exposure to using CMS software.

Database, and Data Analysis Skills: Manipulate data using various database systems, such as SQL, and MongoDB.

Proficiency in using data analysis tools such as Excel, and Tableau.

Method of Application

To apply, please carry out the initial 20 minutes application quiz. If you are successful, we will ask you to proceed to the next stage where we will request a CV and some more information about your experience. The quiz is linked here.

Note: Do not leave the Quiz Tab and ensure you have uninterrupted internet access as you take the quiz/

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Good Nature Agro
Crop farming with small-scale farmers
Legume seed production with small-scale farmers
Capacity building small-scale farmers
This company has been investing in Zambia’s small-scale farmers to generate lasting income since 2014. Good Nature Seeds are subject to rigorous quality control checks and all carry Zambia’s Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCCI) certification. Their range of legume seed currently includes soybean, cowpea, groundnut and pigeon pea. The company's head office which is located in Chipata, is responsible for operations and processing. Good Nature Agro also has a convenient base in Lusaka.