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Environmental Specialist

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The scope of work for the Environmental Specialist will be to ensure that the Bank supported projects within the Infrastructure and Logistics Division meet the environmental and social standards of the Bank. The specialist will be expected to provide support to other Bank financed activities outside the Infrastructure and Logistics Division as well as non-Bank financed projects within the COMESA Secretariat as need arises.


The Environmental Specialist will be based at the Infrastructure and Logistics Division but will also provide Ad hoc support to the Industry and Agriculture Division which is also in charge of Climate Change and Environment, at the COMESA Secretariat in Lusaka, Zambia and will perform the following main tasks in order to ensure overall delivery of the project:

a) ASCENT PIU and Member State Support Tasks

Coordinate with the ASCENT PIU, Member State PIUs, and other relevant agencies to ensure efficient and timely completion of activities within this scope of work, and to raise awareness and disseminate information on environmental health and safety aspects of subproject development.

Provide recommendations and feedback to ASCENT PIU and Member States PIUs regarding any required follow up actions, penalties, or remedial measures as may be required for contractor non-compliances with ESMP measures.

Provide inputs and recommendations to the ASCENT PIU/Member State PIUs on contracting process of consultants to conduct environmental studies; prepare and/or review TORs for conducting environmental health and safety assessments, develop mitigation measures or other activities related to the implementation of ESMPs and any other health and safety plans as may be needed.

Provide support to build the capacity of Member State PIUs, in assessing and managing environmental and social risks and impacts, including through the development and delivery of capacity building activities and trainings, on areas including World Bank policies and COMESA policies regarding environmental assessments, labor management, and occupational and community health and safety. This also includes identifying training and capacity building needs of contractors on environmental issues, prepare capacity building strategy and an implementation plan, within resources available under the projects.

Provide overall support to the ASCENT PIU in implementing environmental requirements, and standards as required by the Environmental Social Commitment Plan (ESCP) as well as by the World Bank’s Environmental Social Framework (ESF), Environmental and Social Standards (ESS) and COMESA Member States’ polices and laws/ regulations.

Support the Division of Industry and Agriculture by providing expertise and guidance to ensure that industrial and agricultural activities are conducted in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner.

Perform other environmental health and safety related duties as assigned by the supervisor and manage any other unanticipated project-related social issues which emerge.

b) Documentation Preparation Tasks

Establish and maintain a database of all records and documentation related to environmental management of all subprojects.

Ensure that EHS mitigation measures in accordance with project environmental and social management plans, and in line with World Bank policies and World Bank Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines, are incorporated into bidding documents and in contractor management plans.

In close coordination with the Social Safeguards Specialist, carry out and document, environmental health and safety consultations with stakeholders for subprojects, including affected communities (ensuring participation of women and youth) to ensure integration of stakeholder feedback into project activities.

Produce monitoring reports on the status of EHS measures, actions and compliance with subprojects requirements, in line with the ESCP, ESMF, ESIA/ ESMP and other- World Bank reporting requirements.

Undertake environmental screening and assessments and support the preparation of environmental and social impact assessments (ESIAs), environmental and social management plans (ESMPs) as required in line with Environmental and Social Management Frameworks (ESMFs) and World Bank ESS requirements covering project activities including physical infrastructure works that are within the purview of ASCENT Project.

c) Review and Disclosure Of E&S Documents

Review monitoring reports and conduct site visits in coordination with construction supervision consultants to visually inspect environmental management aspects; undertake discussions with contractors, supervision consultants, and project staff about any challenges or issues of non-compliance and address any significant environmental health and safety impacts or issues or concerns identified during construction of the project;

Provide environmental review and technical support to the ASCENT Project in identifying, assessing, and managing environmental health and safety (EHS) risks and impacts, and in enhancing project quality and compliance with the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Standards (ESS);

From environmental health and safety (EHS) and equity perspective, review and provide feedback to technical and engineering feasibility studies, plans and designs of physical infrastructures to be supported under the ASCENT MPA project; and

Follow up on and ensure disclosure of all safeguards document including summaries in COMESA on the website of the ASCENT PIU.

d) Supervision Tasks

Support, supervise and monitor the implementation of Environmental Management Action Plans by the ASCENT MPA Project Implementation Unit (ASCENT PIU);

Support the implementation of measures and actions outlined in the ESCP and provide reporting to the World Bank as required per the ESCP, ESMF and other management plans; and

Prepare for and participate in World Bank missions including preparing progress summaries on implementation of management plans including ESMFs and ESMPs, as well as status of implementing measures and actions under the ESCP.

e) Grievance Management Tasks

In coordination with the Social Safeguards Specialist, ensure that the grievance redress mechanism (GRM) systems at the ASCENT MPA PIU level is implemented.

Further, in close coordination with the Social Safeguards Specialist and the Gender Specialist, develop, operationalize, and publicize site-specific grievance redress mechanisms (GRMs) to enable local communities and other project stakeholders to raise questions and concerns; assist the ASCENT PIU, Member States’ PIUs and relevant implementing agencies to ensure effective and timely resolution of any complaints or grievances raised by stakeholders related to environmental health and safety issues.