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7 months ago

Community Care Center Manager

This listings application deadline has expired so it is probably out of date

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Job Description

Special Hope Network is looking for skilled personnel to fill the position of Community Care Center Manager with the following,


LMA (Lead, Manage, and Hold People Accountable)

  • Provide clear direction, allocate necessary tools and resources, and opportunities for delegation for direct reports
  • Lead staff in understanding of program content and systems, take time to learn all the classrooms as well as the health application and program to ensure an ability to lead the center staff well
  • Keep expectations clear, communicate well, and understand center staff capabilities and needs, use rewards and recognition to provide quick positive and corrective feedback, and reliably hold quarterly conversations
  • Ensure direct reports are accountable for results (including carrying out performance evaluations)
  • Be positive and supportive of SHN decisions and expectations to be an example of a hopeful attitude
  • -Be an example of spiritual growth by practicing personal daily habits of faithfulness. Talk about those habits when with your staff and ask them about theirs. Hold discipleship in high regard and add to Level 10s every time. Pray with your staff. Prioritize faith, yours, and your staff members.
  • Conduct performance evaluations on staff, and teach direct reports how to carry out fair performance evaluations for their staff
  • Train staff on bible study skills, leadership skills, management skills, emotional intelligence in the workplace, and professionalism


  • Keep project management on track based on the Theory of Change and goals set by the Director of Programs
  • Execute 2-year program at center to the specifications designed by the Director of the Program and supervised by Head Managers
  • Implement changes as directed by Head CCC Managers
  • Minimize deviations from procedures and systems set by program leads (Head CCC Managers)
  • Make efficient use of resources to accomplish program goals
  • Ensure orders from CCC parents and caregivers
  • Motivate parent and caregiver participation to accomplish center goals and objectives
  • Delegate tasks to staff for enhanced time management, elevated staff skills, and productive use of time


  • Ensure centre staff understand their role at the center and have the tools and understanding necessary to be successful in their role
  • Provide hands-on demonstrations to staff and parents, including leading classroom or circle time
  • Give timely feedback to staff to ensure improvement in specific skills necessary for their role
  • Support parents per objectives on Theory of Change and refer out for cases beyond your abilities
  • Problem-solve parent issues and staff issues by being supportive yet firm when necessary
  • Problem-solve kid issues by helping staff or parents better understand the child and the necessary steps to take to resolve issues
  • Use correct channels of communication when asking for support from supervisors


  • Understand the Theory of Change as it pertains to the centre and carry out necessary tasks as directed by supervisors
  • Keep centre organized and appealing to the eye of visitors, and report any issues with the building or materials in a timely manner as soon as something begins to break
  • Use an organization system that is orderly and easy to use for others when needed, regarding attendance records, financial backup, filing, and other paperwork
  • Keep all files and paperwork up to date, including receipts for petty cash, signed child protection policy for visitors, and Family Partnership forms.