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about 1 month ago

Loan Consultant x 8

This listings application deadline has expired so it is probably out of date

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The following will be your key responsibilities:

  • Scout, market, engage potential clients.
  • Build own clientele.
  • Perform initial appraisals and evaluation of loan applicants by thoroughly examining their applications.
  • Assess creditworthiness through background checks and vetting loan applicants to establish
  • eligibility to get credit facilities.
  • Cultivate trustworthy referral networks with existing clients.
  • Suggest alternate channels to sell Whence Services.
  • Forge trust based relationships and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Work within established regulations and adhere to all legal requirements at all times.

Requirements for the jobs:

  • Full grade 12 Certificate with credits or above in both English and Mathematics.
  • Tertiary education with a minimum of a certificate in any given field.
  • A good grasp of Microsoft packages i.e. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work under minimum supervision.
  • Must have the mettle to meet tight deadlines and exhibit calmness and composure under pressure.
  • Experience in any industry is an added advantage.
  • Must be at least twenty (20) years or above.


  • Away from academics, what have you personally or professionally achieved against the odds that makes you proud of yourself?
  • Write about a time you personally intervened in a situation, either at group, family, institution or organizational level to avert making serious losses, damage or a major adverse outcome.
  • Write about a moment you needed to show resilience of character to overcome a major huddle or achieve your objectives by sticking to your position and achieved the required results.
  • Write about a transformational product, service or proposal you made at your workplace, or business that completely transformed your organisation.

Your typed essay should not exceed 400 words.

Method of Application

Interested candidates can send their applications via email. Please take note that the subject of your email should be Kalumbila Branch. Alternatively you can submit your application by hand.

Application deadline
5 May 14:00
Hand deliver applications to
Kalumbila Branch Banana 2, West Road T26/479 Kalumbila, North Western Province