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Location: Ndola, and Chilundu.

Reports to: School Suport Officer

To provide effective, dynamic, and inspirational leadership in order to enable PEAS school to fulfill its agreed education outcomes.

Key Responsibilities

A.) Teaching and Learning:

  • Drives enrolment to ensure the school is full to capacity;
  • Provides access to sustainably quality teaching and learning and accounts for teacher and student performance;
  • Manages sustainability at the school through IGAs and cost-efficiency;
  • Provides effective support and supervision to ensure improvement in student outcomes;
  • Designs and implements strategies to promote quality education for every child;
  • Constantly monitors classroom teaching and assessment data to inform how best to support students and uses this data to effectively engage learners and parents in the learning process.

B.) Education Management:

  • Drives high-performance expectations and positive school culture for the Deputy Headteacher and teachers to be effective and innovative
  • Promotes an atmosphere of caring and trust among PEAS staff, setting the tone for respectful interaction with students, and demonstrating a willingness to change practices in the light of new understandings
  • Establishes a school structure that promotes participative decision-making, supports delegation and distributive leadership, and encourages teacher decision-making autonomy along with the Head Teacher
  • Works toward whole-staff consensus on school priorities and communicates these to students and staff to establish a strong sense of overall purpose
  • Oversees all Education Targets and SIP reports to the Parent Organization and the Board
  • Ensures Performance management of Deputy Head Teacher, Teachers, and non-teaching staff.

C.) Leadership:

  • Develops and maintains active and productive relationships with PEAS central office, Region office, Board members (BoG), PTA School Staff, and Student Council
  • Leads the development of an annual School Improvement Plan and supports Deputy Head Teacher and other staff to realize SIP performance targets
  • Ensures schools are in compliance with all applicable PEAS and Ministry of General Education and other government regulations
  • Works with the core office finance department to develop and implement systems of checks and balances to measure operational efficiency
  • Ensures the school is in compliance with the school management contracts and receiving monthly financial school grants
  • Works with School Management and PEAS regional office on staff recruitment by identifying potential new teaching and non-teaching staff.

D.) Finance Management:

  • Ensures school sustainability through developing and managing the school budget strategically to achieve school objectives whilst ensuring value for money
  • Attracts income, from a variety of sources, including through maximizing school fee collection, so as to ensure that the PEAS school will become self-sustaining after the initial period without compromising Teaching and Learning
  • Co-signs all school accounts together with the Head Teacher
  • Accountable for all school management financial reports and data as specified from time to time by the PEAS core office and the RPM.

E.) School Infrastructure Development:

  • Supports all development projects and operations within the school;
  • Establishes a Preventive Maintenance System and ensures a safe learning environment.

F.) Governance:

  • Works with the PEAS School Board of Governance, Parents Teachers Association, and the Head Teacher to develop strategies to initiate and meet aspirational school goals
  • Works together with the Community and develops training for BoG and other leadership structures
  • Assumes responsibility for all development reports to the Board and other agencies, and attends all Board meetings together with the Deputy Head Teacher.

G.) Community Engagement:

  • Works with the school management team to develop and execute community outreach plans to increase student enrolment and student populations in PEAS school
  • Works closely with the SSO to develop and implement community engagement plans and school advertising plans to promote a positive image of the school within the community
  • Develops and implements strategies to promote PEAS School’s mission to both the internal constituencies of the school and the community at large.

H.) Contribution to the PEAS Network:

  • Participates in the induction and orientation of new members in the PEAS ethos and culture
  • Takes initiative to share learnings and good practices with new PEAS school management teams
  • Establishes new links with external partners, and builds upon existing relationships, in order to promote PEAS schools’ model experience.
  • Shares ideas with PEAS and non-Peas schools on the best practices

I.) Other assignments:

  • Performs all other duties as may be assigned from time to time by SSO and other PEAS Leaders.

Professional Qualifications and Experience

Minimum Requirements:

  • Masters/ Bachelor’s Degree in Education
  • Teaching experience (minimum 3 years)
  • Management experience in school (minimum of 2 years)
  • Qualified teacher status, registered with the Teaching Council of Zambia
  • Working experience in the education sector in Zambia with exposure preferably at a secondary level
  • Knowledge of working with a wide range of students
  • Top-level understanding of strategies for the improvement of teaching practices and learning outcomes

Desired Requirements:

  • Post Graduate Training in Educational Administration, Curriculum Development, or a related field.
  • Experience developing and enriching curriculum

Method of Application

Please read through the candidate pack thoroughly and if you are excited by the opportunity of the role at PEAS and have met the essential criteria, please click any of the links to complete the application form. Apply for the Teacher position here

Apply for Head Teacher here,

Apply for Deputy Head Teacher here,

Apply for School Accountant and Assistant Construction Supervisor by sending an email: All job applications should be sent clearly indicating in the subject line the position you are applying to.

Address your application letter to

The Human Resource Officer

Promoting Equality in African Schools Zambia LTD

39 Kabinga Street, Northrise.


Please note, that only complete applications will be reviewed, and only qualified candidates will be shortlisted and contacted. We will review applications on a case-by-case basis and shortlisted applicants may be invited in earlier than the closing date. We reserve the right to close the application process sooner than the date specified should we receive a high number of qualified candidates.

PEAS is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its recruitment practices and, to build the strongest possible workforce, actively seeks a diverse applicant pool.

PEAS has a strict Child Protection Policy. All staff are expected to abide by this.

Application deadline
25 Sep 13:30
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