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Job Description

Role Purpose:

To provide an effective, dynamic, and inspirational classroom to enable PEAS school to fulfil its agreed education outcomes, and to contribute effectively to the wider aims of the school

Location: Ndola District,

Reports to: Deputy Head Teacher

About PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)

PEAS ( is a fast-growing charity with a mission to ‘expand access to sustainably delivered quality secondary education across Africa’. We run the fastest-growing network of sustainably financed secondary schools in Africa.

At PEAS, we are passionate about delivering quality education at a low cost, can educate the poorest rural communities in Zambia, and replicating our model across other communities. We work closely with the Zambian Ministry of General Education (MOGE) helping to achieve their national goals and have partnered with the MOGE to build an exemplary network of secondary schools in Zambia.

PEAS Zambia has achieved great things over the last 10 years, and we know we can achieve even more in the next 10 years. Building on the solid foundations of our programme, we want to grow in our secondary school network and beyond.

Our ambition is to be true exemplars of quality education and to drive improvements across the Zambian education system. We are now looking for a School Improvement Lead to join us on this exciting and challenging journey to make our ambition a reality.

1). Job Title: Subject Teachers


Subject Combination

  • Science and Biology x 1
  • Agriculture Science and integrated science x 2
  • English x 2
  • Religious Education x 1
  • Commerce, Principles of Accounts, Business Studies, and Computer Studies x 1
  • Mathematics and Geography x 1
  • Mathematics x 1

Key Responsibilities

A.) Teacher motivation and mindset:

  • Teacher proactively seeks out opportunities to be observed by others;
  • The teacher demonstrates a ‘growth mindset;
  • Teacher proactively seeks out opportunities for professional development through internal and external CPDs;
  • Teachers are actively practicing/implementing knowledge and skills gained from CPD;
  • The teacher promotes a culture of error through learning by risk-taking and making mistakes;
  • The teacher demonstrates high expectations for every student;
  • The teacher promotes and develops a ‘growth mindset’ in every student so they aspire to achieve;
  • The teacher encourages all students to participate in all classroom activities;
  • The teacher demonstrates pride in teaching as a transformational profession;
  • Teacher models and encourages professionalism in all interactions with pupils, staff and wider communities;
  • The teacher demonstrates problem-solving skills to overcome work-related challenges.
  • B.) Planning & Preparation:
  • The teacher demonstrates a strong knowledge of their subject;
  • The teacher demonstrates an accurate understanding of the curriculum/syllabus;
  • The teacher understands where lessons fit in wider SOW;
  • The teacher plans an SOW that logically builds on student understanding;
  • Teachers can plan lessons that have clear outcomes and objectives;
  • Teacher structures lesson appropriately using the three-step lesson plan (S/M/P);
  • The teacher plans cross-curricular links and real-life examples to contextualize learning;
  • The teacher plans activities within lessons that shift to the cognitive load of students;
  • The teacher can plan a range of activities to assess students’ understanding of a lesson;
  • The teacher prepares relevant and appropriate resources in advance of the lesson;
  • The teacher establishes routines and expectations for the effective use of resources;
  • Teacher differentiates learning objectives according to all, most and some;
  • The teacher plans differentiated tasks and activities to ensure that all learners achieve the intended outcomes.

C.) Classroom Delivery:

  • The teacher delivers instructions and explanations clearly and links them to the intended outcome of the lesson
  • The teacher uses a range of questioning techniques to draw out, assess and consolidate key learning
  • The teacher uses an appropriate tone and registers to engage learners
  • The teacher ensures lessons are well-paced, with appropriate time allocated to each component
  • Teacher scaffolds and models concepts using appropriate strategies
  • Teacher models accurate spoken and written English
  • The teacher uses collaborative learning strategies to engage students in effectively supporting and learning from one another
  • The teacher uses appropriate activities for all learners to apply and consolidate key learning independently

D.) Assessment & Feedback:

  • The teacher uses a variety of assessments for learning/adaptive learning techniques to inform teaching during individual and sequence of lessons;
  • The teacher uses regular, well-planned formative assessments to analyse progress and inform planning as reflected in the SOW;
  • Teachers ensure assessments measure the objectives of SOW;
  • The teacher uses summative assessment data to identify gaps in learning;
  • Teachers analyse assessment data to show the progress of classes and accountability in terms of teachers’ targets;
  • The teacher gives effective written feedback that helps students understand how to improve.

E.) Climate for Learning:

  • The teacher creates a well-organised and tidy environment that maximizes and supports learning;
  • Teacher maximizes the physical environment to reinforce learning;
  • The teacher uses the space in the room to increase interaction with all students;
  • The teacher uses praise to encourage participation and reinforce student learning;
  • The teacher establishes clear and consistent routines and expectations for effective classroom management that are understood by students and teachers;
  • The teacher uses positive behaviour management consistently, in line with the school’s and PEAS’ policies, to ensure that students remain confident and continue to enjoy the process of learning.

F.) Community & Contribution:

  • The teacher fosters the culture, values and mission of the school
  • The teacher actively participates in co-curricular activities
  • The teacher promotes the welfare of all students by monitoring their social and physical well-being
  • The teacher acts as a positive role model to the students and the wider school community
  • The teacher actively attends school routines as required by the school management
  • Teacher engages parents and guardians in monitoring student welfare, academic progress and discipline of their child
  • The teacher actively participates in local community engagement in promoting school image and improving enrolment
  • The teacher actively participates in PTA activities
  • The teacher collaborates with others professionally, in terms of sharing ideas, resources, subject knowledge and pedagogy
  • Teacher champions PEAS education approach and initiatives
  • The teacher supports the professional development of others
  • Teacher takes on extra roles/duties other than teaching and learning

Person Specification:

  • Passionate about PEAS’ mission to expand access to sustainably delivered quality education in Africa.
  • Passionate about your subject, and able to inspire students to love it too
  • Open-minded, responsive to feedback and continually seeking to develop and improve
  • Always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure the best outcomes for students at the school
  • A team player who will always support colleagues
  • Keen to support all aspects of school life, including supporting extra-curricular activities

Professional Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum 5 O’ levels including Mathematics, English, and merit in the Teaching subject
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in Education
  • Teaching Council of Zambia registration
  • Secure knowledge and understanding of the subject area curriculum and related pedagogy
  • Experience in working in the education sector in Zambia at the secondary level
  • Knowledge of working with a wide range of students
  • Top-level understanding of strategies for the improvement of teaching practices and learning outcomes
  • Desired: A proven record of achievement in Secondary Education; knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel;

Experience: This is entry level

Method of Application

Please read through the candidate pack thoroughly and if you are excited by the opportunity of the role at PEAS and have met the essential criteria, please click any of the links to complete the application form. Apply for the Teacher position here

Apply for Head Teacher here,

Apply for Deputy Head Teacher here,

Apply for School Accountant and Assistant Construction Supervisor by sending an email: All job applications should be sent clearly indicating in the subject line the position you are applying to.

Address your application letter to

The Human Resource Officer

Promoting Equality in African Schools Zambia LTD

39 Kabinga Street, Northrise.


Please note, that only complete applications will be reviewed, and only qualified candidates will be shortlisted and contacted. We will review applications on a case-by-case basis and shortlisted applicants may be invited in earlier than the closing date. We reserve the right to close the application process sooner than the date specified should we receive a high number of qualified candidates.

PEAS is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate in its recruitment practices and, to build the strongest possible workforce, actively seeks a diverse applicant pool.

PEAS has a strict Child Protection Policy. All staff are expected to abide by this.

Application deadline
26 Sep 12:48
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