Crane Rigger

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Job Description

Crane Rigger Job Description are shown below:

  • Selecting cables, ropes, pulleys, winches, blocks and sheaves, and other relevant materials based on the weight size of loads to be moved
  • Controlling equipment professionally with levers, wheels, or foot pedals
  • Ensuring that equipment that will be used to move materials is properly set up and well inspected
  • Repairing equipment whenever it develops a minor issue
  • Keeping up-to-date, correct, and accurate records which include materials that have been moved, where they were moved from and to
  • Ensuring that mechanical systems are well tested to ensure proper functioning
  • Overseeing the alignment of equipment or machinery
  • Setting up, bracing, and rigging hoisting equipment with the use of relevant tools such as hand tools power wenches
  • Completing paperwork at the end of a shift, which involves documenting completed works and problems encountered
  • Strictly adhering to all safety, environmental, and health regulations and policies.

Crane Rigger Requirements:

  • Good mathematical and precision skills enable a crane rigger to know how an object will fit within the site, as his/her job revolves around spatial perception
  • Strong communication skills, since he/she is responsible for directing the crane operator and other co-workers verbally or through hand signals
  • The ability to work efficiently and effectively with a team, as he/she is expected to work cooperatively with other workers on site
  • Strong multitasking skill, which enables him/her to handle cranes effectively since it is made up of different complex controls
  • One or two years of previous experience or an industry-specific experience, depending on the company
  • At least a 12 grade preferably, or the completion of an apprenticeship or vocational education.
  • Need relevant certificates

Method of Application

To apply for this job email your details to the email:

Application deadline
15 Aug 15:15
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China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)
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Building project management
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