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Job Description


Our client is an Agricultural based commodity business and is focused on the sourcing, distribution and selling of Agro related commodities. They are looking for a candidate based in Lusaka to take on the role of Country Head, who will work with existing team and ensure the office is running optimally, handle HR functions and develop strategies and efficient reporting systems.

The ideal candidate will have had at least 5 years’ experience working in a similar position, should be very detailed orientated and have the ability to self manage.

Client-related Functions :-

  • Client selection process (Market Research) – ensure there is a selective market for any commodity that is to be exported/imported into/from the country and assess the volumes which the market can absorb.
  • Client risk management – assess the financial strength of clients and analyse their business processes to determine credit worthiness and decide on adequate security levels.
  • Structure transactions – Arrange the necessary permits and other transport and warehousing documents for each transaction. Ensure commodities from various origins around the world are delivered on time and as per the quality agreed.
  • Preparation of Legal documents – Tailoring every contract to suit each individual client and commodity.
  • Manage Exposure levels – Monitoring debtors/clients by analysing repayment patterns and history. Capture data on all deliveries and prepare statements for each individual client across all commodities.
  • Report on all debts outstanding and manage relevant interest levels.
  • Client relationship management – Meeting and interacting with existing and potential clients. Managing any disputes relating to reconciliation of records, quality, payments and prices. Ensuring remedial action is taken if timely repayments of debt are not made.

Execution Management :-

  • Developing relationships with transporters, clearing agents and governmental departments to ensure efficient execution of trades and permits

Inter Company-related functions :-

  • Interfacing with companies to identify market rates and potential opportunities.
  • Receiving advice on problem scenarios which other trader/clients have experienced.
  • Establishing regional/international markets to ascertain and maintain optimal levels of any commodity.
  • Producing budgets and reporting on actual performance, justifying any variances.
  • Sharing market information with Regional office in order to maximise profits within the wider group structure.

Financial Functions:

  • Commodity Prices – This involves the calculation of costs associated with each commodity from procurement locally/internationally to delivery. These costs include the calculation of origin fees, shipment and logistical fees, documentation fees, duties and VAT, clearance fees and finance fees.
  • Client Credit – Maintaining that client exposure limits are never exceeded and payment terms based on client, market and financial perimeters are met. Ensuring that all interest on each account is calculated and paid accordingly.
  • Maintaining records on all stocks and updating costs such as storage fees, finance fees and management fees to ensure an optimised profit and decide on whether to speculate, sell or “dump” a commodity.
  • Reporting on financial results of every transaction.

Method of Application

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