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Entomology intern Internship

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Job Description

Location(s) of internship: Kaoma, Zambia

Global Program: Programs and Innovation

Project Name: ATSB Project

Start Date: January 1st ,2023

Duration: Three (3) months

Estimated number of hours per week: 40.

Will the intern be receiving a stipend? *: NO

Will the intern travel? (Local or international): NO

PATH is a global nonprofit dedicated to achieving health equity. With more than 40 years of experience forging multisector partnerships, and with expertise in science, economics, technology, advocacy, and dozens of other specialties, PATH develops and scales up innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing health challenges.

PATH is a partner to the National Malaria Elimination Centre (NMEC) in the effort to control and eliminate malaria in Zambia. PATH is partnering with the NMEC to implement a Phase III large-scale trial of a promising new tool for malaria vector control, the Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait (ATSB).

Description of internship project:

The ATSB Project is operating in Western Province in the districts of Kaoma, Nkeyema, and Luampa from 2021 to 2023. The ATSB trial protocol includes an entomology component that focuses on the collection of mosquitoes inside and outside people’s houses. The methods of mosquito collections include human landing catch (HLC), CDC light traps, prokopack aspiration (PA), and larval collections (LC). The various entomological collections support the measurement of the trial’s secondary outcomes. For example, live adult mosquitoes collected from HLC will be dissected to determine the age structure and biting patterns of mosquito populations in the study clusters. The mosquitoes sampled by CDC light traps will be critical in the assessment of mosquito density in the study clusters while mosquitoes from both prokopack aspiration and larval collections will be important to determine insecticide resistance profiles in mosquito populations. Overall, the entomological trial is aimed at characterizing parity rate, species vector composition, sporozoite infection rates, insecticide resistance, survival rates and human biting rates in the study clusters. Entomology monthly monitoring will be conduct for eight (8) months from November 2021 to June 2022 and for eight (8) months from November 2022 to June 2023 by trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) in intervention (with ATSBs) and control (without ATSBs) study arms.

Benefit to Intern:

At the end of the internship, an intern is expected to gain vast field and laboratory experience:

  • Acquire deeper understanding on how to collect Anopheles mosquitoes using different methods.
  • Gain competence on parity determination, topical assay using dinotefuran and WHO bioassay using clothianidin.
  • Able to conduct morphological identification of primary and secondary malaria vectors of western Zambia.

Internship’s goals and learning objectives:

  • The intern will provide technical support for entomological activities including maintenance of mosquito samples in the insectary, conducting susceptibility testing, managing data, planning mosquito field sample collections, training in data analysis and mapping.

Proposed activities:

  • The intern will work closely with entomology manager and laboratory staff to undertake the following entomological activities:
  • Mass Rearing of Anopheles mosquito samples for insecticide resistance testing at Kaoma field station insectary in Western Province
  • Ensure that mosquito samples are well maintained at standard conditions in the insectary and tracking daily reading.
  • Maintenance and mass rearing of Anopheles gambiae s.l and Anopheles funestus s.l field strains up to 2-5 days old for susceptibility testing.
  • Ensuring that standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed during the testing of mosquitoes for insecticide resistance at the field station.
  • Perform and document monthly susceptibility testing of field collected mosquitoes to different tests and insecticides at the field station.
  • Managing and planning field sampling of mosquitoes using CDC LT, Human landing Catch, Prokopack Aspiration and Larval collections at Kaoma field station in Western Province.
  • Ensure that all monthly supplies and maps are delivered to the field prior to mosquito sampling in the field.
  • Learning outcomes (how the Intern’s performance will be evaluated):
  • An intern’s performance will be evaluated both weekly and monthly through the submission of weekly and monthly deliverable reports to the Entomology Manager. At the end of internship, performance evaluation report will be generated by the Entomology Manager.

Required skills and experience:

  • Degree in medical entomology or related field.
  • Experience on entomological surveillance.
  • Experience with insectary management.
  • Ability to clean, manage and analyze entomological data using statistical packages such as R.
  • Easy adaptation to stay and work in rural settings with cultural diversity, throughout the internship period.
  • An excellent team player and result oriented individual.

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