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Right to Care is a non-profit organisation that supports and delivers prevention, care, and treatment services for HIV and associated diseases.

Through technical assistance, Right to Care supports the Department of Health at national level. Support at provincial level is provided primarily in five provinces: Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Western Cape, and Free State. In addition, through direct service delivery, Right to Care treats patients for HIV, TB, cervical cancer, and sexually transmitted infections.

Support for clinical programmes is delivered through development of clinical best practices, research, training, mentoring, participation in technical committees, provision of facilities and equipment, and secondment of staff, among others services.

Minimum Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Grade 12 Certificate
  • HIV/AIDS management course
  • Experience in management of records and files
  • Marketing and brand activation experience
  • Self-starter and innovative individual who can drive targets
  • Experience in management of patient records and patient files
  • Experience in a public health setting desirable
  • Excellent communication skills, a winning attitude and positive self-inspiration
  • Client orientated, service delivery focussed and successfully working with and within teams
  • Conflict management skills, not supporting and or taking part of office politics, nor any negative discussions regarding peers and or people
  • Good planning, organizing and decision-making skills and being conscious of quality and accurate service delivery and job performance where patient lives may be at stake
  • Ability to work under pressure, giving constructive feedback and supporting management with business objectives
  • High quality standard of work in all regards
  • Target driven and supporting the growth objectives of the project, willing to assist peers in the general performance requirements of the CDU
  • Willingness to work weekend and public holidays / extended hours as and when required
  • Wear corporate clothing as assigned on weekdays Monday to Thursday, and private clothing on Fridays (optional). With exception when a formal visitation is scheduled, in which case corporate clothing will be worn
  • Staff will adhere to business hours (strictly) and vary times only with request and or approval of the CDU manager. Unless changed, all staff must be available to work from 08h00 on business days, and continue work until 16h30 on business days. Each business day an 8-hour work period is expected with a lunch break in addition.
  • Multilingual capability with excellent command of English and ability to speak at least 1 local language predominant in the area being serviced is mandatory
  • Dynamic independent thinker and worker
  • Must be presentable and well-groomed and be able to present the CDU brand
  • Willing to travel extensively within the area or sub-district
  • Be a patient and previously enrolled on CDU program is a plus
  • Computer literate and willing to learn and use any other software systems the company requires in the execution of the CDU process
  • Be able to work within the framework of a team as well as progressing and completing assigned tasks individually
  • Knowledge of the Zambian public healthcare environment
  • Maintain patient confidentiality
  • Good data analytical skills
  • Be consistent and reliable in reporting to all stakeholders

Method of Application

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