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Procurement Officer

Job Summary

o The Procurement Officer is responsible for Infrastructural development projects, properties, and assets management, supervising support/ancillary property services.

o S/he is also responsible for preparation of reports and records of properties management in line with Administration Policies and Procedures Manual.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Property Management

o Identify premises and negotiate lease terms.

o Handle project contractual issues.

o Preparation of maintenace plans and supervision of maintenance of premises and other assets.

o Space rationalisation planning.

o Recommend asset allocation and movements.

o Oversee valuation of properties.

Customer Service

o The Administration Department ensures that FINCA premises, infrastructure, supplies, materials are in good quality, well maintined and visually appealing.

o In collaboration with marketing, they ensure marketing materials and office supplies are procured and distributed in a timely manner to ensure and ongoing seamless client servicing.

Project Management

o Project Planning

o Feasibility study for proposed projects.

o Development of project brief.

o Liaise and coordinate with project consultants and contractors.

o Recommend contractors.

o Provide material specifications

o Carry out inspections on on-going projects.

o 8 Motivate for progress payments.

o Supervise projects and coordinate the process.

Maintenance and insurance

o Ensure company has adequate insurance cover for its properties

o Process insurance claims.

o Equipment servicing e.g. fire extinguishers, air cons, generators etc.

o Ensure repair and maintenance of all premises and facilities (incl. telephones etc)

o Inspection of premises and preparation of inspection reports.

Procurement Committee

o Update the Administration Manager on procurement requirements

Performance Report

o Prepare a variance report for Capex and or opex budgets against expenditure that take place in the month.

o Prepare a variance report for the projections against actual expenditure that take place in the month.

Searching branch locations

o Search and recommend new locations for branches as shall be authorized and coordinate the change to new location of existing branches


o Assist the Administration manager in all phases of construction / maintenance of new and existing branches

o Coordinate to ensure the launching of the branch is done on time, on budget and according to FINCA branding standards and under the law.

o Ensure proper oversight of contractors renovating / building new FINCA offices

o Must have a very professional working relationship with engineers, architects and the landlord who are integral elements of the construction process.

o Must plan and liaise with other colleagues/departments to get things together at the right time and place; for example with procurement, marketing, IT etc

o Ensure regulations relating to health safety and the environment are up to date on construction sites and existing branches.

o Provide weekly report with appropriate recommendations on the evolution of construction/maintenance projects.

o Recommend for procurement committees vis a vis construction/maintenance

branch issues.

o Ensure smooth relations with all landlords/caretakers and coordinate so that rents are paid on time.

o Lease with the legal department in relations to contracts and any other legal aspects related to all branch locations.

o Coordinate to obtain all necessary permits and licenses.

Job Requirements

Education And Experience

o A business related degree from a recognized university

o A minimum of one (1) years experience in facilities officer Job

Language Skills

o Fluency in English is required

o Any other Local language

Computer Skills

o Working knowledge of MS Excel, and MS word is a must.

Key Deliverables

o Availability of utilities e.g. electricity, water

o Availability of branch offices on time

o Capital expenditure performance versus budget

o Operating Expenditure within budget

o Leases are managed or renewed on time

o Rental costs are within budget

o Assets are adequately insured and claims are lodged on time

Key Relationship

o All Departments, All Staff, Admin Manager, CFO, CEO

Travel Requirements

o Availability to travel 40-60%

How to Apply

Submit your CV and application on company website:

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FINCA Zambia
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FINCA Zambia is a subsidiary of FINCA International, a global micro finance network that offers financial services and products to small scale businesses. FINCA helps its clients achieve their life goals conveniently to build a business, acquire assets, improve their living conditions or invest. The company provides well-designed, responsible, and affordable products including micro and small business loans, credit lines, savings, transactional services and more. For your convenience, FINCA has a secure mobile banking service and over 75 express agents.
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