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Treasury Assistant

Job Summary

• The Treasury Assistant (TA) is an officer who assists the head of Treasury Management Section in the Finance (& Administration) department.

• The TA assist the TO who is in charge of all the institution’s assets and liabilities, liquidity and investments of the company.

• S/he is to ascertain the availability of cash at all times in order to meet the cash requirements of the institution’s clients and to monitor investments and optimize returns on Investments.

• His/Her role is to help plan, manage the liquidity, assets and liabilities of FINCA and to monitor the investments of the institution in order to optimize returns on investments in line with the Treasury Policies and procedures Manual (TPPM).

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

• Plan and manage the institution’s liquidity

Treasury Management

• Work with tools to define the treasury processes

• Work with policies and procedures manual for treasury functions

• Monitor treasury benchmarks to measure performance

• Work with tools to monitor treasury operations and implement them.

• Monitor treasury operations in order to produce maximum and efficient financial results

• Prepare and keep records of all cash transaction between branches and Head Office

Cash/Liquidity Management

• Liaise with the regional managers/branch managers to forecast liquidity projections in line with the operations disbursement schedule.

• Monitor cash limits for the HO and various branches so that lowest possible cash is kept with them and set procedures when the cash goes below/up limits.

• Monitor the Bank Reconciliation on a monthly basis and guide the accounting team.

• Ascertain smooth running of treasury operations at H/O and Branches and advise the TO

• Alert the Treasury Officer of any serious situations of Cash and Bank balances (low or high) in order to take decision on the targeted disbursements, recurrent /capital expenditures or investments

Donor funds management

• Evaluate existing funds from donors and prepare projections for the fund requirements.

• Determine and advise the Treasury Officer on the appropriate time to request for funds from Donors.

• Prepare the Projected Fund Flow and compare with the Actual Fund Flow, prepare Variance Analysis, reasons for variances and take necessary steps for the future

• Monitor and evaluate the funds in HO and Branches to enable the Treasury Officer to take informed decisions.

• Analyze the currency fluctuations and the possible effect of donor fund availability and advise the Treasury Officer

• Manage investments and optimize return on investments

Investments management

• Monitor FINCA’s investments (including Fixed Deposits) efficiently to get the maximum returns with minimum risk.

• Closely monitor the due dates for interest, closure, renewal and maturities of investments so that FINCA does not suffer financial loss due to failure in renewal, closure or interest not credited by the institutions.

• Advise the Treasury Officer of the best investments that would give maximum returns

• Follow the money market closely to advise the Treasury Officer on the Cost of funds, changes in interest rates, changes in Government policies that can affect FINCA

• Monitor FINCA investments including money market activities and regularly advise the Treasury Officer on investment opportunities and their expectations.

Savings product management

• Monitor impact of large savings depositors on the liquidity reserves and the branches liquidity.

• Meet all withdrawal requirements for savings depositors.

• Devise strategies to avoid/combat risks and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements specific to Treasury

Risk Management

• Risk Management is the crucial part of Treasury Management, which protects FINCA from landing into serious financial crisis.

• The TA should help the Treasury Officer devise strategy to avoid risks, to combat risk and implement processes to meet any financial crisis.

• Evaluate the currency fluctuations, financial market conditions, interest rate fluctuations, investment decisions and advise the Treasury Officer of the potential risk involved

• Investigate cash malpractices or non-adherence to policies and take corrective measures in accordance with FINCA’s procedures.

Statutory Compliance (for regulated institutions)

• Prepare Treasury Operations procedures in line with the statutory and legal requirements of the regulatory institution (e.g. Bank of Zambia, etc.)

• Daily monitor FINCA’s Cash and Bank Accounts and investments to ascertain compliance with regulatory institution’s requirements at all times.

• Write and provide timely and accurate reports to the regulatory institution and other statutory authorities

Job Requirements

• Education/Experience


• University degree preferably in Economics (Bsc Eco), commerce and accounting (B.Com), business administration (B.BA) or banking.

Post Graduate in Banking is an advantage


• Two (2) years experience in treasury operations

• Experience in the banking sector highly desirable


• Fluency in English and Local Language

Key Deliverable

• Cash Management

• Adhering to Treasury Policies and procedures Manual (TPPM).

• Bank Relationships with other Financial Institutions

How to Apply

Submit your CV and application on company website:

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FINCA Zambia
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FINCA Zambia is a subsidiary of FINCA International, a global micro finance network that offers financial services and products to small scale businesses. FINCA helps its clients achieve their life goals conveniently to build a business, acquire assets, improve their living conditions or invest. The company provides well-designed, responsible, and affordable products including micro and small business loans, credit lines, savings, transactional services and more. For your convenience, FINCA has a secure mobile banking service and over 75 express agents.
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