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Shop Sales Supervisor

Job Role:

• Responsible for managing the Manda Hill store and Sales Agents based at the store. Coordinates the transfer of stock from head office in Lusaka to shop, sets up displays, and assists customers and staff during business hours.

Responsibilities are to:

• Manage staff, including Sales Agents and people working in the store

• Meet financial obligation by meeting sales budgets; keeping expenses very minimal; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions

• Ensure Sales Agents are selling the product at the correct price

• Work on store displays

• Identify and attend trade shows to identify sales opportunities in the town of operations and surrounding areas

• Identify current and future trends that appeal to consumers and give feed this information back to management in Lusaka

• Ensure the products are spotless and properly displayed

• Maintain inventory and ensure stock is available at all times by managing fluctuation in supply and demand

• Utilize available technology to record sales figures, for data analysis and forward to head office

• Ensure standards for quality, customer service and health and safety are met.

• Ensure hours of operation are in compliance with local laws

• Maintain store’s cleanliness and health and safety measures

• Help the sales agents achieve sales targets

• Handle customer questions, complaints, and any other regulatory issues

• Banking to sales reconciliation and ensure that all sales revenues are banked in a timely manner

• Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

How to Apply

Please use a valid email address and mobile number in your applications:

Email applications to
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