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Task Team Leader

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1. ETG Farmers Foundation, is non-profit developmental foundation associated with the Export Trading Group to build progressively on the groups smallholder developmental experiences, models and lessons focusing on the holistic economic, social and environmental needs of enterprises that are central to sustainable rural communities.

2. EFF will be implementing the Cashew Infrastructure Development Project (CIDP) in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture across ten districts in the Western province with the aim to employ a comprehensive model that stresses shared values, achievement of common goals, and mutual accountability.

3. The key objective of the CIDP project is to build a sustainable cashew value chain by establishing required infrastructure; focusing on rehabilitations of cashew plantation, cashew nursery development and new cashew plantations thus being a catalyst for cashew production with an ensured market linkage.

4. The development goal is to contribute to the country’s economic growth and food security while the specific objective is to contribute to poverty reduction, improved household incomes through improved cashew production and processing.

Job Purpose

1. Reporting to the EFF Project Manager and cordinating with CIDP team, the District Task Team Leader will be responsible for leading farmer engagement in cashew nursery establishment ,plantation establishment and management of existing cashew plantations in their respective districts as well as maintaining collaboration with Government Line Ministries, Ministry of Agriculture Extension staff ,NGOs,CBOs and the traditional authorities.

Key Responsibilities

1. Working with Multi-stakeholder environment

2. Ministry of Agriculture extension staff

3. CIDP project team

4. EFF head office

5. Traditional authorities

6. Farmer groups

Any other relevant stakeholder

1. Coordinate the community engagement with the technical team – ie. Training/Assessments in cashew agronomy

2. Community mobilization/sensitization

3. Maintain a constant rapport with the Chief

4. Takeover and improve cashew growth database

5. Access and select community leaders

6. Formation of farmer groups and Cooperative structure strengthening and building new ones

7. Community technician capacity building

8. Logistics and coordination of field management activities

9. Project related operational and record keeping

10. Keeps records as required by quality assurance or any relevant government legislation

11. Comply with Health and Safety and Environmental policies

Key Qualifications

• Diploma level certificate preferably in agriculture/ agribusiness and social work or related qualification.

• Agricultural background.

• English Verbal and written communication skills as well as basic Lozi is a plus

• Effectiive leadership skills

• Excellent communication skills and the ability to build effective working relantionships both internally and externally

• Ability to work co-operatively with others an independently at times without supervision

• IT literate with experience of using Microsoft office/excel and mobile applications

• A flexible approach to working hours

• Drivers license an added advantage

• For further background information on our foundation follow the below links;

How to Apply

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Zambian Fertilizers Ltd
Established in 2004 and a subsidiary of ETG, Zambian Fertilizers specialises in blended fertilisers which incorporate 9 vital nutrients for most soil types. Unlike other producers, the company adds organic content to its fertilisers to assist in restoring and maintaining micro-organism populations and improving soil structure. This facilitates more efficient absorption of chemical based nutrients by plants. For example, their Compound D is 30% organic content. The company also supplies Kynoch and Falcon fertilizers.
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