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Customer Service Manager (Csm)

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Ecobank Zambia is a full service bank providing a broad range of products and Services to Consumer, Commercial and Corporate business segments within its 7 branches. The bank’s vision is to build a world-class Pan-African bank and contribute to the economic development and financial integration of Africa by providing customers with convenient, accessible and reliable financial products and services. The bank is an affiliate of the Pan-Africa Leader Ecobank Group which is present in 33 Countries in Africa. In order to respond to our growing market with the required Human Capital, we are currently looking for experienced professionals in the following area:

Reports To: Head – Retail Operations

Location: Lusaka


• To manage and control branch operations to ensure quality in service delivery in an effective and efficient manner where all risks are adequately controlled for assurance of minimum operational losses and that costs are well managed for effective utilization with available resources.

• To further manage and deliver deposits, loans, customer service and efficiency targets of the Agency.

Key Responsibilities

• Operational Risk Management and Control

• Ensure proper control and efficiency of the branch

• Supervise work delegated to subordinate staff and authorize all source documents for transactions generated by the branch

• Perform all stipulated control steps to enhance operational efficiency e.g. Call-over of source documents, departmental proofs and reconciliations

• Confirm that all compliance requirements are adhered to e.g. Bank of Zambia regulatory and statutory guidelines including anti money laundering policies

• Ensure observation of the control environment vis-à-vis the Control & Administrative Policies, and Procedures and Processes Compliance Manuals to avoid fraud and financial losses

• Implement and ensure compliance of the continuity of business and disaster recovery plan by all branch staff

• Ensure adequate segregation of duties in order to prevent conflict of interest

• Provide the Head of Operations and the Branch Manager with timely, relevant and accurate reports on the implementation of the business objectives

• Provide information for investigations and handle fraudulent cases

Service Quality

• Set and monitor Branch Service Standards based on Ecobank service quality benchmarks

• Monitor and manage the delivery of high service quality to customers

• Maintain good appearance of branch facilities and staff

• Track service performance regularly and rectify any deficiencies

• Attend to and resolve customer’s complaints or feedback within prescribed standards

Human Resources Management & Training

• Improve staff quality and develop their potential

• Disseminate institutional objectives and branch targets set by top management to all branch staff

• Ensure job rotation and on-the-job training to enhance staff skills

• Carry out staff performance appraisal to monitor performance and highlight areas for development

Support Roles

• Provide efficient operational support to all business units

• Provide account information and maintenance

Key Relationships:

• Internal

• Branch Operations for guidance on back office processing and customer service quality requirements

• Human Resources for guidance on staff related issues

• Audit & Compliance for proofs, reviews, branch security and inspections to ensure data integrity and control of the branch

• Relationship Officers/Managers for consultation and guidance on matters relating to branch banking customers

• General Internal Services for the upkeep and maintenance of branch premises

• Head of Operations for adequate support in cash management, operational controls and direction for efficiency of day to day running of the branch

• Treasury operations for effective management of foreign exchange resources and cash management activities

• Transaction Banking for e-Banking support services

• Risk Management for effective and efficient monitoring of all risk areas i.e. operational, business, credit, treasury, reputational, etc.


• Local regulatory bodies on statutory and regulatory guidelines i.e. BOZ, ZRA, BAZ, etc.

• Customers in relation to business activities

• Representatives from other banks i.e. national and international financial institutions

• Contributions

Impact on

• Ecobank’s national and global image and integrity

• Ecobank’s overall profitability

• Continuous enhancement of the Bank’s products and services

• Customer loyalty

• Management, motivation and staff development

Judgement/ Complexity

Assessment on

• Staff appraisal/development and disciplinary cases

• Operational planning/logistics

• Branch recurrent expenditure within approved limits and authority

• Non-routine operational referrals

• Frauds and losses

• Monitoring and reviewing service quality benchmarks

• Flexibility in management of customer service and operational efficiency

• Striking balance between customer’s needs/requests, and bank rules, policies and procedures


Non-Verbal/written recommendation for:

• Discretionary powers for branch expenditure from Petty Cash or non-capital expenditure items

• Allocation of duties, job rotation and training for branch staff

• Operational issues under the influence and control of the branch

• Review of all suspense and internal accounts

Verbal/written recommendation for:

• Expenditure above discretionary powers

• Staff promotion, development, transfer or disciplinary action

• Enhancement of operational methods and procedures

• Enhancement of Staffing levels


• Incumbent should:

• Demonstrate good operational and control abilities

• Have effective Supervision skills

• Attend to customers complaints and needs

• Be self-motivated

• Effectively communicate with superiors, peers and subordinates

• Demonstrate sense of urgency

• Exhibit cost consciousness

• Have sales Skills

• Have credit knowledge

• Live in accordance with Ecobank’s core values

Know How And Experience:

• A University degree/professional qualification plus 3 years banking experience

• Sound knowledge of general banking law and practices

• Adequate management and office administration concepts

• Competence in financial accounting/forecasts

• Very Strong leadership skills

• Ability to plan daily/periodic operations

• Strong interpersonal/communication skills

• Familiar with computer processing/applications

• Adequate knowledge of operational policies, procedures and processes

• Striking balance between customer’s needs/requests and bank rules, policies, and/or procedures

How to Apply

If you meet the requirements above and would like to be part of our vibrant and result oriented team, send your application with detailed Curriculum Vitae including copies of your academic qualifications to either:

Application deadline
18 Apr
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Ecobank Zambia
Corporate finance
Personal banking
Loans and mortgages
Micro finance
Electronic payment systems
Commercial banking
Ecobank Zambia is part of the Ecobank Group, a leading pan-African bank with operations in 36 countries across the continent. Ecobank currently operates in countries in West, Central, East and Southern Africa including Angola, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, The Gambia, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zimbabwe and many more.
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