Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd
Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd
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Vehicle Sales Consultant X2

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Job Purpose

• The Vehicle Sales Consultant will be responsible for selling Vehicles to customers, after - sales responsibility must be undertaken to support the customer in whatever they need to ensure a long mutually beneficial relationship is established and maintained.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

• Develop relationships with Prospects/Customers.

• Be responsible for showing cars to people who visit the dealership.

• Explain the features of various models, and apprise car shoppers of financing options and warranties.

• Answer questions about gas mileage, the sizes of engines and the colors each model comes in.

• Manage prospects information accurately in the stipulated manner.

• Provide customers with detailed information on products and availability in order to meet their needs

• Constantly update customers with information relating to the timely delivery of their vehicle and input the discussion on prospecting list.

• Accurate preparations of quotations.

• Explain the purchasing process to all customers and Follow up

• Have a database for prospects and Customers regardless of the outcome.

• Delivery process and follow up after delivery

• Test drive the vehicle to enable customers to check the performance of cars

Required Skills:

• Sales & Marketing Skills

• Presentation Skills,

• Good communication & Interpersonal skills

• Negotiation Skills

Qualification and experience

• Diploma in Sales and Marketing / Business Administration or any business field

• Must have at least 2-3 years Sales and Marketing of Motor Vehicles

• Good Negotiator

• Must have a valid driver’s license (Able to drive both Manual transmission vehicles and Automatic)

• Must be a Team Player

• Must be target driven

• Excellent Customer service

• Knowledge of Dealer Management System SAP will be an added advantage

How to apply

Apply online or send your CV and cover letter direct to:

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