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Sales Director

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Good Nature Agro is a social enterprise that invests in Zambia’s small-scale farmers to bring them out of poverty and into the middle class. We identify premium agricultural markets and contract our growing network of farmers to deliver reliable, flexible, and quality supply. Good Nature provides year-round support to growers including business and agronomic training, custom farm advice, input financing, and a premium price. Our first company, Good Nature Seed, applies the Good Nature Agro model to the legume seed market. In four years, Good Nature has scaled from 40 growers to 5,000 growers and over 1,000 metric tons in sales, with 2,500 metric tons expected in 2018. We sell the output of our growers’ efforts to farmers around the region to ensure all smallholders have access to quality, affordable seed that can improve their farms and lives. Good Nature is at an inflection point and exploring more diverse market opportunities. The company has obtained net profitability and future growth will be driven by our ability to reach our two, primary annual goals: 1) Grower net income of $600 for every hectare enrolled in Good Nature and 2) strong financial returns for the company.

Job Overview

• Our sourcing model is designed to be flexible enough to respond to any market opportunity that fits the agronomic conditions.

• This posting solicits a highly-motivated individual to join Good Nature as a member of the senior management team, who can build our sales and trading arm from the ground up.

• The selected Sales Director must be ambitious and creative – capable of identifying markets that can work with the Good Nature supply model and subsequently collaborating with our production, marketing, and processing teams to fulfill them.

• The Sales Director will also be responsible for growth and replication of existing product lines including the intended expansion of Good Nature Seeds into a second region of Africa within three years.

• The Sales Director will be expected to serve on the Research and Development team as part of market development where he/she will work with the Seed Supply Chain Manager, Production Lead, Processing Manager, and CEO to identify potential future product lines and evaluate their feasibility for scale, as well as the processing team where he/she will work with all relevant personnel to ensure quality is our highest priority from the date of sowing through sale.

• The Sales Director will have wide latitude to determine the best strategy for meeting the following targets, provided the work is completed in accordance with Good Nature’s core values.

This position allots for one immediate hire (Position: Sales Associate) to be selected by the Sales Director to assist with the implementation of the following:


• Work with Seed Supply Manager to introduce new varieties into Good Nature’s multiplication chain that best fit growers’ desired traits and move Good Nature towards independent release of five varieties across our portfolio within three years

• Work with other Management Team members to get all supply sourcing and training onto digital tracking system by 2019

• Expand Good Nature Seeds’ marketing footprint across Zambia (2018) and into neighboring countries to reach 8,000 metric tons in Southern Africa legume seed sales by 2020

• Establish Good Nature Trading, a trading arm designed to supply directly to value-addition companies and capable of earning growers $600 per hectare while earning the company a 30% margin

• Grow Good Nature Trading through establishing strong relationships with customers and working with the production team to provide unprecedented levels of transparency into our supply chain. Customers should be able to get an update on orders at any time, regardless of how many growers are involved in production.

• Build Good Nature Trading’s portfolio to best fit the financial and cash flow needs of the company with forward contracts prioritized

• Good Nature Trading to establish direct to retailer line with packaged legumes as early as 2019

• Good Nature Foods to be researched and potentially established by 2020 with the Sales Director playing a key role in market research and hiring personnel

• Good Nature Seeds to enter a second region by 2020, with Sales Director playing a key role in market research

• Good Nature Trading to reach 40,000 metric tons in volume, direct to value addition customers, by 2022

Regular Responsibilities:

• All staffing and hiring to achieve the above targets, as part of Good Nature’s collaborative budget creation process

• Own recruiting, objectives setting, coaching and performance monitoring of sales representatives in all sales points and roles, keeping in mind that by 2020 this will span multiple countries

• Develop and promote strong, long-lasting customer relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs

• Present sales revenue and cost of goods reports and realistic forecasts to GNA management team

• Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status

• Analyze and present sales performance data to management team

• Track all sales inventory both internal and external

• Maintain and update sales clientele database

• Represent the company in local and international sales forums

• Manage and control sales processes and procedures

The Sales Director reports directly to the CEO and has high levels of engagement with the heads of Production, Seed Supply, Marketing, and Processing. As a member of the Senior Management Team, the Sales Director will be involved in all high-level strategic decisions of the company.

Experience and Qualifications

• Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business administration, Marketing or a related field

• 10+ years previous success as a trader or sales lead in agribusiness, consistently meeting or exceeding targets

• Committed to continuous education and learning – demonstrated ability to adapt to new opportunities and circumstances

• Deep understanding of logistical and operational needs of a large trading company, as the administration of logistics will be a significant part of the job in early years.

• Demonstrated ability to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively at all levels of the organization

• Proven ability to drive the sales process from plan to close

• Strong business sense and industry expertise

• Excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills

Preferred Experience

• Entrepreneurial experience starting own company or entering at the ground floor

• Experience working in both rural and urban settings and familiarity with small-scale growers especially in the Southern and Central African context

• Experience with mobile technology and devices

• Experience in enforcing quality-control and sales guidelines

• Experience in developing and documenting operational processes

• Membership or certification to a legal Zambian sales or marketing association

Working Conditions & Physical Demands

• This position is vital to the success of the company and brand. The person selected will become part of a diverse team that is passionate about helping small scale farmers generate lasting income.

• This position is Good Nature’s first position based full-time in Lusaka. As such, part of the role is to serve as a frequent face for Good Nature in Zambia’s capital.

• Time on the road will be a small but growing part of this job’s demands, focused primarily on travel within the Southern Africa region.


• Compensation for this role is based on a combination base salary, sales incentives, and equity.

• Base Salary: USD 42,000 per year plus insurance, housing allowance, and other allowances, bringing total base value to ~USD 52,000 per year. Annual possibility of raise up to 10 percent of current base.

• Sales Incentives: Annually negotiated sales bonuses to be distributed among sales team and averaging 1.0 percent of total sales revenue (expected value 2018: $25,000 across two people; expected value 2020: $120,000 across eight people). Distribution to be determined by Sales Director, Director of Finance, Head of Talent.

• The Sales Director’s bonuses will be calculated with more involved than top-line revenue including number of fixed contracts brought to Good Nature, varieties introduced, and potentially other factors.

• Equity: A percentage of Good Nature Agro, a US Delaware C-Corp owning Good Nature Seeds and Good Nature Trading in Zambia.

• Equity is to vest quarterly over five (5) years, with a one-year cliff.

• Additional Terms: Use of company vehicle, while with Good Nature.

How to Apply

E-mail your CV and Cover letter to:

+260 979 392832

Application deadline
30 Apr
Good Nature Agro image
Good Nature Agro
Crop farming with small-scale farmers
Legume seed production with small-scale farmers
Capacity building small-scale farmers
This company has been investing in Zambia’s small-scale farmers to generate lasting income since 2014. Good Nature Seeds are subject to rigorous quality control checks and all carry Zambia’s Seed Control and Certification Institute (SCCI) certification. Their range of legume seed currently includes soybean, cowpea, groundnut and pigeon pea. The company's head office which is located in Chipata, is responsible for operations and processing. Good Nature Agro also has a convenient base in Lusaka.
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