Zambia Health Education and Communication Trust (ZHECT)
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Research Assistant X1

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The Zambia Health Education and Communications Trust (ZHECT) working with Metabiota (A US-based Research organization) and the Zambian Ministry of Defense, will be undertaking a Sexual Network Study to determine HIV transmission path-ways between active military personnel and key populations, in particular Female Sex Workers (FSWs) and male population from the general population living in and around selected barracks- Chindwin Barracks, Zambia Air Force (ZAF) and Zambia National Service (ZNS). ZHECT will be dealing with the FSW component of the study in terms of identifying, recruiting and the related sample collection and implementation of the social behavioral survey questionnaire. ZHECT wishes to recruit one (1) Research Assistant (RA) to support research activities that will be conducted in Kabwe in selected health facilities. The Research Assistant who should be based (resident) in Kabwe will be engaged over a period of three months. He/she will undergo induction training prior to supporting monitoring the enrollment, implementation of questionnaires and data entry.

Job Description

The RA will therefore be responsible for:

 Participating in collecting biological and behavioral data to obtain HIV risk and sexual network data by administering questionnaires to the recruited respondents.

 Collecting and reviewing questionnaires from Health Care Providers working on the project to determine completeness

 Enter the completed questionnaires into the data entry template on a tablet

 Troubleshooting with local teams on digital questionnaire issues and updating and getting resolutions/clarifications from the research team.

 Periodic sharing of the database with the supervisors and transmission of the data to Metabiota

 Ensure questionnaires are safely stored in lockable cabinets

 Obtain and safely transport the samples from the study health facilities to Kabwe General Hospital

 Update supervisors on the cumulative numbers reached on a daily/weekly


 At least a diploma in social sciences, statistics, public health or any related field

 Experience with conducting research is important

 Working knowledge with databases will be an added advantage

 Note that this is a temporal assignment and therefore will not carry insurance

 Application Procedure

 Interested and qualified persons should apply to:

How to apply

Send your application to the undersigned:

Human Resources Manager,

Zambia Health Education and Communications Trust (ZHECT),

1551 Church Road, Fairview Area,

Post Net No. 221, P/B E835,


Application deadline
23 Mar
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