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Chief of Party- Health Informatics

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Palladium International

o The Chief of Party will provide technical leadership to the Implementing Partners and Ministry of Health (MOH) to strengthen capacity to effectively implement and manage strategic information systems and use data for decision making.

o The COP will provide technical expertise to improve HMIS and ensure that local requirementsare met within the systems.

o The COP will ensure a coordinated approach to implementation of health informatics that integrates data collection, data quality, reporting, and data use. S/he will assist in the development of a framework for the integration of interoperable electronic systems resulting in improved access to data and streamlined reporting processes.

o S/he will be responsible for improving and harmonizing information systems that are user friendly and assisting to develop and implement a national HMIS/Informatics strategy.

Duration: 5 years Location: Zambia – must maintain in country

• Oversee senior technical managers responsible for delivering services in specific task areas.

• Regularly communicate with the donor and be ultimately responsible for partners’ performance.

• Oversee project management including planning activities, management of partner relationships, budgets, and reporting deliverables.

• Work closely with a wide array of stakeholders at the national, provincial, district and local levels and gain consensus among key stakeholders.

• Establish positive working relationships with partners and to lead the process ensuring that the end results are achieved

• Support the development of a national HMIS strategy to include a plan for implementing comprehensive HMIS, health map, and improved data quality and use

• Help drive the direction of national strategic information to include innovative technologies to improve data capture and management. Data storage, security and privacy as well as access policies should be among the key areas to address.

• Ensure appropriate documentation such as data dictionaries, business rules is published for each system.

• Participate in weekly teleconference calls; maintain strong relationships with MOH and key stakeholders.

• The SI Advisor may also assist with the development of test plans and test cases.

• With the technical monitor and the contracts department of Palladium, the COP will coordinate outsourcing/subcontracting specialized functions relating to the project and managing small grants awarded herein

• In implementation, the project manager will ensure project deliverables are delivered within scope, quality, cost (budget) and time constraints and project is within corporate and regulatory limits

• Coordinate communications/linkages internal and external to the project

• Monitoring and controlling all project activities including measuring the current project activities, monitoring the project variables including cost and effort against the project plan and performance baseline and identifying corrective actions to circumvent issues and risks

• Financial analysis of the costs and budgets including outsourced services on a regular basis to be shared with Palladium


• Master’s degree in public health or health statistics, or medical informatics

• Requires spoken and written fluency in English. Bemba, Kaonde, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja and Tonga, a plus.

• Analytical skills and knowledge of project management principles to manage projects, meet deadlines, and work with multi-disciplinary teams

• At least 10-15 years’ experience in strategic information and experience in Zambia a plus

• Has extensive experience in developing and managing informatics solutions (in the health sector) including experience in web and database technologies e.g. aspx and sql server respectively

• Has experience in managing grants (with USG) and can work in a multi-sectoral environment

• Has experience in monitoring technical innovative solutions following the USG ADS548R guidelines

• Has proven experience in leadership of informatics solutions and grants management especially in Zambia

Domestic travel within Zambia – up to 25%


Project Management

• The ability to work well as part of multi-disciplinary team; skilled in trouble shooting and problem solving

• Verbal and writing skills are required to produce user manuals, training materials, programming specifications, and documentation related to programming; training experience preferred

• International experience (Zambia) preferred and commitment to work in a team environment required

• Excellent communication skills

How to apply:

Please follow this link to apply:

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