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ENT Surgeon

CURE has an exceptional opportunity for an ENT Surgeon at its hospital in Zambia. The ENT Surgeon is responsible for managing the ear, nose and throat service, including an audiological service. The ENT Surgeon provides a primary, secondary and tertiary medical, surgical and rehabilitative service for patients with ear and hearing disorders, which includes screening activities and hearing assessments; medical treatment of ear infections, and other ear, nose and throat conditions; ENT surgery with a focus on ear surgery; supervision of aural rehabilitation and the fitting of hearing aids; and the training of primary and advanced ear and hearing care of healthcare workers on various levels. The ENT Surgeon works closely with the government to improve ear and hearing care at the national level, and cooperates closely with partner programs.

Responsibilities Include

• Conduct ENT clinics at the CURE Hospital and other assigned clinics/hospitals with a focus on treating and preventing ear and hearing disorders.

• Perform microscopic ear examinations, rhinoscopies, pharyngoscopies, laryngoscopies and the interpretations for appropriate management and referral, if needed.

• Identify, assess, diagnose and manage auditory-balance and neural system disorders.

• Complete professional interpretation of the results of audiological findings.

• Maintain close cooperation with the audiologist, audiologist technician, ENT nurses, physician team, theater and ward nurses, and other team members.

• Complete regular meetings with the Executive Director for observations and management of the ENT clinic.

• Provide supervision to the team members of the ENT clinic.

• Complete ENT surgeries, especially in the field of otology.

• Conduct in-service training of CURE Hospital team members.

• Conduct training of health care workers of other hospitals and clinics in primary and advanced ear and hearing care.

• Supervise the ear outreach program of the CURE Hospital.

• Provide counseling for personal adjustment and discussion on the effects of hearing loss and the potential benefits to be gained from surgery and/or audiological rehabilitation and hearing aids.

• Provide supervision to audiological rehabilitation including speech reading, communication management, language development, auditory skill development, and counselling for psychosocial adjustment to hearing loss for persons with hearing loss and their families/caregivers.

• Provide case management and service as a liaison for the consumer, family and agencies to monitor ear and audiologic status and management and make recommendations about educational and vocational programming.


• Medical degree (MD or DO) from a qualified, recognized medical institution.

• Board certification, or board eligible, preferred.

• Current and unrestricted medical license.

• Two (2) years experience in a private or hospital practice.

• Experience in the developing world strongly preferred.

• Moderate ability with the English language required, fluency preferred. Fluency in one of the local language(s) may also be required depending on the location.

• Strong communication skills, especially with those of different cultures.

• Competency and proficiency in ENT surgical procedures.

• Strong interest in teaching and training.

• In addition, all candidates should be familiar with the Statement of Faith, and will be required to agree to perform the duties of the position in support of, and not in opposition to, this aspect of CURE International in order to be considered for this position

• Please click here to read our Statement of Faith

• This is a full-time, paid position that offers a modest salary with a comprehensive benefits package that may include health and life insurance, relocation assistance, retirement, housing, in-country transportation, and annual leave.

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