Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO)
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Assistant Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer

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Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) is looking for applicants to fill the position of an Assistant Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer to be based in Nyimba (one position only). Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) is a public trust, non-profit company registered in Zambia that aims to improve the lives of poor small-scale farmers and to help restore the natural resources they live with. It focuses on alleviating poverty and enhancing food security in concert with halting destructive land use practices.

Purpose of Position:

Assistant Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer

Reporting to the Senior Monitoring and Evaluation officer, the assistant M&E officer is responsible for assisting COMACO Farmer Support Center (FSC) program team to setup and implement a comprehensive participatory program monitoring and evaluation system that will facilitate effective planning, implementation, performance monitoring, evaluation and accountability of all programs implemented under Nyimba Regional office.

Major Responsibilities:

Supervising baseline, end-line surveys and Data entry and ensure data quality accuracy, consistency and completeness, and compliance with donor’s database standards.

Routinely traveling to the field to monitor the M&E implementation process, troubleshoot and maintain quality control.

Conducting regular and special data analysis of data per programme requirements.

Generating data for donor reports, as well as report writing as agreed on with the Monitoring and Evaluation Manager.

Document programme success stories and good practice.

Coordinating the analysis of COMACO’s annual Evidence of Success to be shared with donors and other stakeholders at Farmer Support Center (FSC) Level.

Liaise with and provide technical support to COMACO’s network of field Extension officers and M&E field volunteers (Lead farmers).

Supporting staff and partners to understand M&E approaches and techniques

In conjunction with IT, ensure software and hardware requirements are adequate maintained

Collection and maintenance all M&E data in a safe, secured central database

Coordinate data collection, data quality assurance and data analysis

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Able to think logically and systematically and have good organizational skills

Has had training in statistics and or experience in statistical analysis.

Diploma or higher Diploma Agriculture, M&E, IT or any other related fields

At least two years’ hands on experience in monitoring and evaluation of programs, preferably related to community based rural development work.

Extensive experience in natural resources, agriculture and rural development.

Experience in using Microsoft Office (word, Access, Excel PowerPoint).

Experience in using other statistical software such as SPSS and STATA, is an added advantage.

Excellent skill in report writing with attention to detail

Excellent communications and interpersonal skills

Excellent data analysis skills

How to apply

Send your applications to:-

Application deadline
28 Feb
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