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Voucher Examiner

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Peace Corps Zambia wishes to invite applications from suitably qualified persons to fill the position of Voucher Examiner.

Duties and responsibilities

• The Voucher Examiner reports directly to the Deputy Director of Management and Operations and has the responsibility for proper examination of invoices, timely preparation of payment documents, and payment of the invoices.

• The Voucher Examiner is also responsible for maintaining payment files; reconciling vendor account statements at least quarterly and for ensuring that all HQ payment queries are tracked and responded to in a timely manner

• In the absence of the Class B Cashier, serves as an Alternate Cashier

• As such, the Voucher Examiner performs the following responsibilities: disbursement, safekeeping, examination and management of the Post Imprest Fund

• Ensure that all payments are made in accordance with the terms of payment on the invoice or contract and in compliance with PC rules and regulations. Ensure that goods and services have been received prior to making a payment. Arrange payments to vendors by cash, EFT or check, as appropriate. Prepare the appropriate documents and include necessary supporting documentation for all payments. Secure final approval of all payments as required.

• Screen all vouchers for correct computation and completeness prior to submission to the DDMO, DMO and/or Country Director for signatures. When necessary, consult the Peace Corps regulations and/or seek assistance from the Budget Analyst, Financial Assistant, DDMO or DMO to determine if a payment should be made.

• Ensure the payment of all invoices is completed in a timely manner and report expenditures or procedures that incorrectly comply with Peace Corps regulations in advance. Recommend applicable solutions where possible.

• Prepare paid vouchers by stamping the “paid stamp” on all paid vouchers.

• Photocopy all relevant financial documents, including cashier and non-Cashier vouchers, prior to shipping.

• Track payment status to ensure that all vouchers are paid promptly. Inform vendors when payments are made and identify and resolve overdue payments.

• Serve as a Billing Officer.

• Maintain the check book register for vendors and act as the point of contact with vendors for check distribution and col-lection of receipts.

• Track queries from HQ relating to vendor payments and provide recommendations on how to minimize queries where possible.

• Provide back-up for the Financial Assistant.

Required Qualifications

• In order to be selected for this position, the applicant must be a Zambian Citizen, must not have been employed in intelligence-related activities, and must submit a typed cover letter and CV that clearly documents how they meet each of the following mandatory requirements;

• Diploma in accounting, finance or a related field is required.

• University degree in accounting or Business Administration an added advantage

• Three (3) years of progressively responsible work in voucher examining, allotment accounting, disbursing or bookkeeping.

• Level IV (fluent) English is required.

• Thorough knowledge and understanding of generally accepted accounting principles is required.

• In- depth knowledge and understanding of laws, regulations and procedures associated with USG will be an added advantage.

• Highly computer literate with a working knowledge of MS Office – particularly MS Excel and ability to generate complex financial spreadsheets.

• Strong communication and organizational skills.

• Must comprehend and logically and properly apply to the voucher examining process the various and detailed technical regulations and requirements established by various authorities.

• Must be able to read, interpret and apply contractual provisions, agency rules and regulations, and US govern-ment policies to determine that there is a legitimate basis for disbursement of government funds.

How to apply

Applications and supporting documentation including a typed cover letter, CV that clearly documents how you meet each of the above requirements, and at least three traceable references must be submitted to:

The Human Resources Specialist,

Peace Corps Zambia,

71A Kabulonga Rd.

PO Box 50707,


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