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Medical Doctor X 2

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Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd - BEMCONSULT are specialized in identifying, attracting and hiring professionals to critical positions with companies across the country. We are not driven by previously-defined processes and predictable solutions, but by listening to clients’ needs and working together to chart, then navigate the wisest course. We target and headhunt by specific industries to ensure that quality candidates are not missed out. Our vigorous research and selection process ensure that we only target the best candidates and conduct reference checks on the shortlisted candidates. You need a trusted and reliable partner for your executive search positions. Our experienced Recruitment Consultants just need a thorough understanding of the job requirement and we will ensure to deliver the best fit candidates for your organization.

Job Purpose

The Medical Doctor will ensure all Patients receive the best medical care by providing a good standard of practice and care. The MD will also give patients information they want or need in a way they can understand and support patients in caring for themselves to improve and maintain their health.

Summary of Key Responsibilities

• Respond to medical/health problems presented by patients including history taking, diagnosis, investigations, treatment and referral as appropriate

• Attend to all patients in a caring, helpful, punctual and non-negligible manner

• Strictly observe a good manner and code of conduct and maintain confidentiality and impartiality

• Use the paramedical facilities (Laboratory, X-Ray, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound, ECG, CT scanning, etc). In the correct and optimum manner.

• Refer patients without delay to Consultants when not confident with diagnosis or management

• Observe strict aseptic technique and sterilization care for all procedures

• Treat patients with dignity and respect, especially when examining a patient of the opposite gender

• Strictly observe Medical Ethics when dealing with patients , and when dealing with other

• Keep up to date with medical developments, new drugs treatments and medications.

• Supervise and assess subordinate staff

• Take prompt action if patients safety, dignity or comfort are compromised

• Protect and promote the health of patients and the public

• Treat patients politely and considerately

• Listen and respond to patients concern and preferences

• Work with colleagues in the ways that best serve patients’ interest

• Undertake any other duties given by the CMO

Qualifications & Experience

• Fully Qualified Medical Doctor

• Over 5 years post qualification experience

• Registered with Health Professions Council of Zambia

• Computer Literate

• Good Communication and interpersonal skills

• Must have high level of confidentiality and Integrity

• Trustworthy and Honest

How to apply

Send your applications to the link below:

Brilliance Executive Management Consultants Zambia,

5984 Paseli Road-off Manchinchi Road,



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Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy Ltd
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A consulting firm that is focused on offering the best human resource solutions to the business community. Services offered include recruitment and selection, training and development, organisational transformation, as well as research and strategic information. With a team of qualified and experienced professionals, Brilliance Executive Management Consultancy - BEMCONSULT is able to offer a superior service.
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