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IT Manager 10 / IT Specialist

Abt Associates, a major American business and government research, technical assistance, and consulting company, manages the USAID-funded Vector Control Task Order 1. Task Order 1 will support the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) and USAID to plan and implement an integrated vector control approach with the overall goal of reducing the burden of malaria. Abt has implemented indoor residual spraying (IRS) for PMI since 2011, delivering high-quality IRS programs and gathering the most comprehensive vector control entomological data in the world. Under this contract, Abt will expand entomological monitoring to guide programs focused on insecticide-treated mosquito nets and IRS and continue to assist PMI in reducing the burden of malaria through IRS and capacity building in 22 African countries where malaria is endemic. Abt also will continue to support PMI in IRS monitoring and evaluation, as well as environmental compliance. Under the supervision of the Finance and Administration Manager, the IT Specialist establishes, manages and maintains the project’s computer network at all operational locations.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Ensure the smooth operation of the Internet connection and regularly check the flow provided by the ISP to enable staff to work in optimal conditions

Monitor relevant logs and perform necessary operations to ensure the proper state of the systems.

Preventive maintenance includes ensuring each computer and user has valid certs installed for AGI access.

Create (and update as required) Disaster Recovery Plan for the office (template to be supplied by ITSC).

Create (and update monthly) Workstation Inventory List, i.e., assist the office in the physical inventory of all equipment and software (PC’s, laptops, printers, etc.).

Provide technical support for major and/or urgent problems with LAN or any of its components (server crash, virus attack, hard drive failure, etc.).

Provide on-call assistance to individuals as needed.

Supervise File Server backups (weekly full backup, daily incremental on file server, and monthly backups of file server and users data).

Supervise that File Server Group Policies and NTFS permissions are applying correctly to project users and groups.

LAN Administration: Assign user accounts and verify privileges/rights (for network and Abt services); manage disk space, printer queues, and internet connection.

Perform desktop and laptop computer support, including performing routine preventive maintenance (disk scan, deleting temp files, defragmentation, etc.); installing software patches and upgrades, troubleshooting hardware or software problems; and ensuring users are backing up their data files on the server.

Provide basic training of Windows Office products.

Monthly conference call with Abt Associates International IT Management (All IT Managers’ Meeting).

Review monthly activity, articulate and implement Action Plans relating to identified IT needs.

Perform hardware troubleshooting, including identifying hardware failure for all hardware warranties; coordinating with hardware vendors/manufacturers for the prompt replacement of any defective components and working with the Project internet service to solve any problems accessing the internet and/or sending and receiving email.

Minimum Qualifications

6+ years of experience and master degree (computer science, programming or related areas preferred) or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Preferred Skills / Prerequisites

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Programming, or other IT-related field.

Six (6) years of relevant professional experience in IT network administration in a Windows NT environment, including internet access support.

Ability to manage and provide technical oversight to junior programmers and consultants.

A comprehensive ability to work in collaboration with high level managers and technical advisors.

A demonstrated ability to work independently.

English language proficiency.

How to apply

Send your CV to the email below: