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National Director

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The World Vision Partnership is a global community of people passionately committed to improving the lives and futures of the world’s most vulnerable children. We are one the world’s largest child focused development organisations, with over 45,000 staff in almost 100 countries, serving 100 million people annually. We work on every level to achieve our goal of child well-being – from international activism to checking in on children face-to-face. Our people are our greatest asset. Each staff has unique experience and skills - and it’s our job to provide them with the training and opportunities they need to make their greatest contribution to our work worldwide. According to our latest staff survey, over 80% of staff who responded are excited about the future, ready to put in extra effort, proud to work for World Vision and ready to recommend us to others as a great employer.

Key Responsibilities

Strategically lead, develop and direct the implementation of all aspects of World Vision Zambia as an effective member of the Partnership in line with Twin Citizenship principles to ensure high Ministry quality and high impact in the field. Be accountable for all of aspects of WV’s work in the country.

Ensure that WVZ’s ministry is directly contributing to the sustained well-being of children and the fulfillment of their rights within families and communities.

Represent WVZ to all donors, project partners, other WV Partnership offices and divisions, local Government, church representatives and non-governmental organizations serving according to given Power of Attorney.

Ensure alignment with VisionFund (World Vision’s Microfinance Institution)through membership of the VFI Board and other Governance structures, and provide appropriate collegial support to MFI Executive Director.

Appropriately develop national governance through identifying Zambian leaders for board membership.

Spiritual Leadership:

Ensure that the office has a high quality Christian Commitment strategy and operations plan that is appropriate for country context.

Model a high standard of personal Christian leadership, ministry and integrity though lifestyle and work relationships, and provide spiritual guidance to staff on the Vision, Mission and WV Core Values.

Participate and lead regular devotional meetings.

Show genuine care for the poor communities and children being served.


Promote WV’s Vision, Mission, Core Values and key Partnership Standards and Practices among the staff and partners and ensure these are the core foundation of /the office/ strategies and work.

Support the national office governing board.

Ensure capable staff are available to implement the office strategy and operational plans.

Review and approve /the office/ succession plan; ensure that proper capacity is in place and succession plan is updated and executed.

Promote and participate in leadership development initiatives.

Lead and manage team in a way that facilitates a high performance culture, open trustworthy relationships and integrity.

Promote a culture of learning and development, employee engagement and good stewardship of human capital in the office.

Ensure implementation and compliance to Partnership Performance Management Standards and Principles, while seeking to implement Performance Management guidelines on reasonable level

Champion the leadership team in the implementation of Performance Evaluations on annual basis for the whole organization.

Support initiatives for staff care and well-being, both for all employees.

Respect, value and promote gender, age, religious and ethnic diversity.

Ensure excellent standards in the management of the human, financial, capital and technical resources of the organization, which includes inspiring and maintaining high standards of work and clear accountability to stakeholders.

Visit projects frequently to encourage, build relationships, and support staff.

Empower and develop others and his/her Senior Leadership Team.


Ensure there is a documented office strategy, Techncial Programs, and Business Plans with clear, measurable short-term and long-term target

Ensure that Technical Programs are aligned with Partnership Progrmming Models.

Ensure there are clear strategies for People and Culture, Communications and other main functions, and they are based on the office strategy and operational plan and include main priority areas identified in respective Regional and Partnership Strategy. Facilitate and be accountable for the execution and monitoring of strategies.

Ensure continuity of the existing strategy and business plan that has been agreed by the Partnership & WV Zambia.

Field focused and able to continuously engage staff and the Communities even in the most difficult places to reach.


Ensure high ministry quality and high impact in the field by leading in a way that the office is achieving its expected annual targets at all stages of the LEAP cycle on a sustainable basis.

Ensure adequate resources are acquired and managed to meet and enable quality program implementation.

Ensure the highest standards of quality and accountability through compliance with World Vision policies and standards and international standards for emergency response, disaster mitigation, rehabilitation and development.

Ensure all project proposals, reports, integrated audits, and ministry evaluations are reviewed at a proper level within the office and appropriate actions are implemented, to ensure that impact, accountability, and compliance.

Ensure measurable improvement in the well-being of children is achieved as evidenced by achieving targeted improvement in the child well-being outcomes.

Ensure that a national monitoring & evaluation strategy based on technical and managerial indicators exists and is implement.

Ensure accountability for the implementation of effective ministry to all key stakeholders. Ensure a relevant, timely and accurate flow of management and operational reports according to program objectives and standards and to meet reporting standards of the support and donor partners, the Regional and Partnership offices (as specified in the Covenant of Partnership) and local partners.

Innovative and exhibit ability to challenge the status quo – willingness to make decisions to increase efficiency even when such decision can be viewed as unpopular.


Represent World Vision to engage and build strategic alliances with the government of the country, major donor agencies, , non-governmental agencies, churches and media.

Develop and implement appropriate advocacy strategies to raise awareness of- and advocate for change in- key issues within the specific context.

Lead and facilitate strategies for the promotion of justice that look for the change of unfair structures that oppress those in need; Ensure WV is positioned as a leading NGO in promoting the well-being and rights of children within the country context to deserve public and stakeholders’ confidence and trust.

Strengthen awareness of World Vision’s program both within and outside of the WV Partnership.

Ensure that the WV brand is respected within the country and none of office operations or staff conduct harm it.

Provide leadership, strategic direction and support to the team for developing and implementing excellent donor experience and acquisition of Ministry funds; Identify new opportunities and forge alliances that lead to optimization of all resources.

Cultivate networks and engage partners such the Zambian President, Government Ministers, UN agencies, Country Directors/CEOs and other high level partners.


Ensure efficient and effective organizational practices that result in successful financial and operational audits.

Ensure action planning and execution to resolve audit findings in an agreed and timely manner; undertake appropriate reporting of audit results and actions.

Ensure strong financial compliance through timeliness and completeness of financial reports.

Ensure strong operational compliance through timeliness and completeness of program/project reports.

Provide direction for integrating private and public funds to maximize results and respond to community needs in most effective and efficient way.

Manage overall financial integrity of the program to WV Support Offices, donors, the government and other stakeholders.

Provide overall strategic leadership and initiative for identifying and securing financial resources to support the program.

Regular engagement of donors to maintain the level of confidence gained, and resource mobilization through diversification of funding.


Develop and maintain capacity to respond to natural and man-made emergencies.

Maintain, and regularly review security and safety plans and protocols (security manual, evacuation plan, Disaster Preparedness Plan, and risk assessments at national and AP levels) and ensure understanding and compliance by all staff and visitors.

Oversee relief efforts, as and when they arise and work in partnership with response teams. Build in-country relief response capacity to ensure adequate disaster management and response.

Liaise with other international organizations to collect information about the security environment and, where appropriate, discuss joint responses to security threats.


Ensure the office complies to local legal requirements and standards.

Represent World Vision in court, if required.

Ensure and oversee proper mechanisms for Child Protection and other WVI Standards and Principles implementation.

Ensure the office actively participates in scheduled Peer Reviews. Take ownership for appropriate action planning and execution of Peer Review recommendations.


As a member of Vision Fund Zambia ensure that integrated with World Vision’s ministry to promote fullness of life for children and their communities.

Facilitate programmatic integration of MFI’s and AP’s operations.


Post-graduate degree or equivalent experience in management or social sciences.

Degree in International Development would be a plus.

Good knowledge of financial management and accounting principles.

At least 3 year experience in overseeing large Government grant, its acquisition and donor engagement.

Experience in one of major Ministries (Relief, Development, Advocacy), close familiarity with other two.

Knowledge of LEAP cycle and Transformational Development Indicators is preferred.

Experience in Advocacy, national advocacy strategy development and leading campaigns.

Understanding of Matrix management.

Experience/ understanding of Board development process.

Experience in Microfinance operations is a plus.

Ability to present persuasively to Board, Senior Management Team, staff, donors, NGO’s, government officials, community leaders and other stakeholders.

Experience in being a member of Board.

Understanding of Board mandate.

Significant management experience (general/operational) where there is evidence of both accountability & managerial know-how.

World Vision experience - preferred.

Strong Understanding of Human Rights and particularly Child Rights.

Membership to professional body.


Must be a committed Christian, able to stand above denominational diversities.

Attend and participate/lead in devotions and Chapel services.

Perform other duties as required by the relevant stakeholders (e.g. Regional Leader for SAR, Global Centre counterpart, Board Members and so forth).

Genuine care for the poor communities and children being served.

Field focused and able to continuously engage staff and the Communities even in the most difficult places to reach.

Continuity of the existing strategy and business plan that has been agreed by the Partnership & WV Zambia.

Donor engagement to maintain the level of confidence gained, and resource mobilization through diversification of funding.

Network and engage partners such the Zambian President, Government Ministers, UN agencies, Country Directors/CEOs and other high level partners.

Innovations and challenging the status quo – willingness to make decisions to increase efficiency even when such decision can be viewed as unpopular.

Empower and develop others and his/her Senior Leadership Team.


The position requires ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally up to 50 % of the time.

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